Grip ‘N Rip: Marquette Face-Off Specialist Cullen Cassidy

Grip ‘N Rip: Marquette Face-Off Specialist Cullen Cassidy

Lacrosse Playground, every once in awhile, features a different lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. Today we feature Marquette face-off specialist Cullen Cassidy. Cassidy is a 6-0/205lb Junior who just transferred in from Hofstra.

What head do you use?
We are sponsored by STX so I use the Superpower.

What handle do you use?
I use the same Sci Ti Pro I have used since high school at Landon.

Where does your pocket sit/what type of pocket do you prefer?
I like my pocket to sit right in the middle if its too low it affects the face off and I don’t need a high shooting pocket.

Who is your stick doctor? Do you string it yourself or have a go-to-teammate/friend?
I never string my own sticks. I have a go to a D man here and he has done my stick for the last three years. His name is Steve Abba and he kills it with stick swag (bows and fancy knots.)

What kind of mesh do you use (Hard, soft, monster, traditional/leathers, marc , etc.)? Why?
I use hard mesh but I work it in very nice before it gets handed over to steve so it is working in to an almost soft mesh. This way my pocket holds its shape but flips back and fourth after face offs.

What is your preferred glove?
We are using the cell tech gloves but my favorite glove is the K18 but not to picky about gloves.

How much whip does your stick have?
Not much. Steve strings me a passers stick more than a shooters stick.

Anything unique you do to your head or shaft (pocket up-keep, tape jobs, alterations, etc.)?
I have always used a white head and silver shaft not flash and keep it simple. I have done the same tape job since high school I go half way up the shaft and put a rig right where my left hand goes so it is in the same spot every face off.

How long do you keep a stick before you get a new one?
A shaft will usually last a season. But I go through a head a week when which drives Steve the wizard crazy in the spring.

What’s most important to you in a stick/what makes a good stick?
I like my head to be nice and soft so I have a lot of control on where I pull it after the draws other than that a good stick is something I can throw with.

What tunes are playing in the lockerroom right now?
The song that has been going all the time is Hustlin by Rick Ross. He is the Boss and after his stroke he has received lots of love in the mid west.
Rick Ross - Hustlin (The Disco Villains FRESCO RMX) by Disco Villains
Being from Washington, DC and then playing for Hofstra before ending up at Marquette you have been exposed to very different cultures. What have you learned the most and what has this whole experience been like so far?
I have seen many sides and cultures of lacrosse and to be honest I think I have only learned from all of them. I don’t hate any of them because they all got me to where I am today. DC is home but nice to be away from and my two years at Hofstra were amazing being that I had an opportunity to play in two NCAA tournaments.

What’s the best part about playing lacrosse for Marquette?
What I like best is that we have come together as a team so quickly, though we have kids on the team in all 4 years we are all freshman here and its cool seeing it all coming together.

What are you doing when you aren’t playing lacrosse?
School work. As a transfer I got to get the work done in the class room so when I am ready to get on the field I have nothing to worry about.

Any plans for after college?
Live the dream not sure what or where that is. Im still huntung.

What should we expect from Marquette this year?
Not much seeing that we are not playing a season so all of the boys are red shirting, but I can say that I have never been a part of a team that works as hard as this group.

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