Grip 'N Rip: Kyle Hartzell

Lacrosse Playground, every once in awhile, features a different lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. Today we feature Washington Stealth and Chesapeake Bayhawks player, Kyle Hartzell. Kyle was named MVP of Championship weekend in the MLL and is active with Rogue Lacrosse.

What head do you use?
NLL season is underway which means I have to use Reebok. My head I am using now is a 6k but the one that I have strung up now is a Reebok Chrome 10k.

What handle do you use?
I use a Reebok 7k.

Where does your pocket sit/what type of pocket to you prefer?
I like my pocket in the middle as long as the ball comes out with little whip I like it.

Who is your stick doctor? Do you string it yourself or have a go-to-teammate/friend?
Josh Porcell strings up my wands as well as Brian Carrol.

What kind of mesh do you use (Hard, soft, monster, traditional/leathers, marc, etc.)? Why?
I use hard mesh and Marc mesh.

What is your preferred glove?
I am using Reebok 10k gloves and I like them a lot they break in real easy and it's not a big bulky glove. I hate big bulky gloves.

How much whip does your stick have?
None at all. Maybe just a little.

Anything unique you do to your head or shaft (pocket up-keep, tape jobs, alterations, etc.)?
I have a chrome head now that I am using. I tape my sticks up about midway for my indoor handles.

How long do you keep a stick before you get a new one?
Until it breaks or bends. I like getting use to one stick and using it for a while.

What’s most important to you in a stick/what makes a good stick?
I'm pretty easy as long as I can catch and throw and stick some shots on occasion I'm good.

What are you looking forward to most this season?
Defending NLL and MLL titles!
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