Grip 'N Rip: Kentucky Stickhorses Defenseman David Lisi

Grip 'N Rip: Kentucky Stickhorses Defenseman David Lisi

Lacrosse Playground, every once in awhile, features a different lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. Today we feature Kentucky Stickhorses Defenseman David Lisi. Hailing from Wheeling Jesuit, Lisi is a 6'5" enforcer on the field.

What head to you play with?

Brine Clutch (Black) Box Pinched – Never much of a clutch fan until I was given one and decided to pinch it up.

What type of mesh do you use? How do you string it?

I use Marc Mesh (Yellow of course)… I actually use a variety of techniques. I copied one of my St. Louis Pride goalie’s top string technique. I also string the sidewalls so that the mesh can cinch up near the top of the head for a high pocket. I use 2 straight hockey shooters and one U. I use the U so the ball can rest there when cradling and when winding up for a shot (a rarity) or a pass.

Do you use a specific shaft for indoor compared to the outdoor game and why?

When I first started playing box in Canada, I would use pretty much whatever shaft I had at the time. I quickly learned that traditional “field lacrosse” shafts, even the strongest ones, couldn’t take the abuse of the indoor game; they snap way too easily. I now use a 1 Lacrosse Box Cutter shaft that my good friend Brian DeSpain hooks me up with. I’ve also used a prototype carbon fiber shaft of theirs and both have held up very well. I rely heavily on aggressive cross checks, and these shafts definitely do the job!

What's it like playing for the Stickhorses?

There are so many amazing things I can say about the team, the coaches the ownership, the facility and the fans I get to play for. It is a first class organization, top to bottom. It all starts with a great owner – Tony Chase – the most interesting owner in lacrosse (insert Dos XX joke here)! Tony is an excellent communicator, and his personal touch can be seen in every aspect of the organization. When you pull into our facility, Freedom Hall, there is a large digital board that has our logo on it so every car can see it. There are billboards and all types of signage throughout town. We have been on the radio, tv, and of course all over the internet. We have brand new turf, with a huge Stickhorses logo on it, signage from our sponsors on the boards, a solid jumbotron and a large arena to call home. As a player, you just feel welcome. The coaches are top-notch and do a great job working with us. They fuel a very cohesive and fun locker room. I’ve played all over the world and I’ve always had a blast, but I’ve never been in a locker room where I’ve felt so comfortable. Usually, it takes a while to get to know your teammates, but here, it just seems like we’ve been together for years. Finally, the fans… They are so into lacrosse and you can tell that they love the game. Post game is a huge frenzy of signing autographs, giving away broken shafts and talking to parents about “how we do what we do.” All-in-all, I get paid to do something I love and at 31, it’s very hard to beat!!

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