Grip 'N Rip: Jimmy Dailey, Atlanta Blaze

Grip 'N Rip: Jimmy Dailey, Atlanta Blaze

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Atlanta Blaze attackman Jimmy Dailey shows off the stick he has been using in the MLL off season. The Baltimore native graduated from Stevenson University in 2011 consistently improving his point total and leading the Mustangs to national prominence. In a sport dominated by speed, Jimmy is one of the fastest out there, breaking ankles to get to the goal.

What head and shaft are you using?

I’m using the Warrior Evo 3 and the Warrior Krypto diamond, I really like grip on it.

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Do you string your own sticks? If not, who does?

I do! I copy the pattern that my college teammate Greg Furshman strung for me in college.

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What kind of pocket are you using?

  • Mesh: I use ECD hero mesh, I love it, It’s the only stuff I’ll ever use I love how consistency and how smooth it is.

  • Pocket placement: I use a mid low type pocket

  • Shooters: My shooters are three right across the top.

  • Whip: Probably a 5, it’s got a little bit of whip but not a ton.

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How has your stick changed since college?

I used a U and a straight shooter and nylon but basically the same pocket

Any superstitions or funny stories?

Not really. When I get a stick I will use the same stick until it is completely dead. In college I used the same stick junior and senior year. What’s great about hero mesh is that it doesn’t get old and it’s so durable. It really plays into lazy people like me who don’t want to change their stick all the time.

What’s your wallball routine

I go sets of 25 right, left overhand, side arm, underhand, across my body, and btb. I’d rather play with someone else though.

What college has the worst color combination?

Gold and maroon because of Salisbury, but maroon in general I just kind of hate.

What gloves are you using?

Warrior regulators.
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