Grip 'N Rip: Connor Buczek, Florida Launch

Dubbed "The Cincinnati Sniper," Connor Buczek was drafted second overall in the 2015 MLL Draft by the Florida Launch for his dodging capabilities, and his accurate stretch shooting. Connor finished his college career at Cornell University as a three-time USILA All-American, twice being named a first team All-American, a three-time first team All-Ivy League, a 2014 Ivy League Player of the Year, and a two-time Tewaaraton Trophy finalist. Connor totaled 106 goals and 155 points in his career, good enough to place him in the top 20 on the Cornell points list. He was also the first midfielder in Cornell history to score 40 goals in a single season.

connor buczek florida


What head and shaft are you using?

I use Super Power head with a StringKing Metal Plus shaft.

Why the Metal Plus as opposed to the lighter Metal shaft?

The Metal Plus is a little sturdier and I have a tendency to break shafts so just tried that one first.


Do you string your own sticks? If not, who does?

I used to string my own sticks but started having one of our coaches, Pete Milliman, do it a couple of years ago. He’s our resident stick doctor at Cornell.

What kind of pocket are you using?

  • Placement: My pocket is pretty full, but the ball sits lower in the head.

  • Mesh: I use StringKing Type 3X mesh

  • Shooters: 4 stacked shooters across

  • Whip: 5/10

How do you tape your sticks?

I tape about 1/3 of the way up my sticks with a criss cross pattern the remainder of the way up. I also like to tape on a knob before my butt end to catch my hand.

Has anything changed from the setup you used in college to the setup you use in the MLL?

Nothing has changed. Since the stick rule change in college a few years ago, I have kept the same setup.


How do you like your chili?

Spicy with cheese and onions.

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