Glow In The Dark Camouflage Mesh

Glow In The Dark Camouflage Mesh

Every month, Throne of String features a new limited edition mesh. So far, ToS has released 3-color fades, blood splatter patterns, and even last months pink, purple and white camouflage Fighter Mesh. This months LE Fall Throne Mesh tops them all.

Building on last months popular Fighter Throne Mesh, Fall Mesh features a white, golden yellow, burnt orange and black camouflage that GLOWS IN THE DARK! Later this month, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II video will be released. This mesh is an homage to the digital gun camo from the call of duty series: Fall from Modern Warfare 2.

Along with Fall Mesh, Throne of String is releasing a Green Beret inspired skull dye decal, additional shooter lock colors, as well as a camo dye decal sheet. You'll be able to dye a digital camo pattern on any head yourself!

Additionally, Throne of String's first 2013 NCAA legal pocket is now available. The Type M pocket is recommended for a Midfielder. It features a high channeled pocket with a simple 4" shooter setup. This gives the pocket great hold and whip for shooting. You'll be able to fake, drop your hands, and rip from the outside, while still complying with 2013 NCAA stringing regulations.

All of these new products and many more can be found at

To see time-lapse of the dyeing and stringing of this head and highlights of some of Joseph's gameplay, be sure to check out the Fall Mesh release video:

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