Ghost Lacrosse Shaft Review

Ghost Lacrosse Shaft Review


When the Ghost shaft by Wolf Athletics hit YouTube the entire lacrosse community freaked out. The shaft was clear it bent and took a beating and was a crazy shaft all around, every one has joked about a clear shaft but they actually did it. The shaft is pretty crazy all around being made from bullet proof glass as they advertise and definitely creates a unique feel when playing. We set our Ghost Glo Shaft up with the Epoch Hawk and saw how it performed.

Shape 7.5 out of 10

The Ghost shaft brings back a old shape on shafts very similar to the old Brine Powergrip. This grip wasn’t very popular with advanced players when it was out due to the ridges making it slightly awkward in your hands. The shape does create a few very good points for the Ghost in that it has very little contacted surface area during a check allowing it to take very little damage from a check and yet leave a mark when throwing a check. Overall the power grip on the Ghost is not to my preference but has its uses 7.5 out of 10

Grip 8 out of 10

Sort of slippery the Ghost shaft definitely needs a little tape on the end cap almost making a grip handle but it does allow for easy movement of your hands. Being made of a different material creates a feel that is unusual and requires a little getting used to but with the power grip shape you can still get a decent hold on the shaft when dodging and looking to shoot. Overall a little tape and the grip on the Ghost is pretty great 8 out of 10.

Durability 10 out of 10

We’ve all seen the video of the shaft wrapping around poles and goal posts, it holds up. The Ghost takes a beating and keeps rolling with very little issue. I think after several hard checks received and thrown we only had one mark on the shaft and we had to look for it. The Ghost pretty well bends its way out of any form of damage earning it a 10 out of 10.

Flex 7 out of 10

I don’t normally include shafts flex into a review but the Ghost is meant to flex so this time I think it is deserved. The Ghost has crazy flex, as shown in the video, and it takes some work to really get used to. You feel the bend when you cradle, pass or shoot which is really kind of awkward and after some practice has advantages and disadvantages.

When taking slower placement shots the bend is less noticeable but creates an unreadable release on the ball, this factor aggravated the goalies we played with because there was just no way to tell where the ball was going or when so this is a definite positive. The checks, oh man the checks, they hurt when they connect. There is no reason to put any hard force into a check because the Ghost will snap down and remind your opponent that you’re going to get their stick, normally very quickly. Wrap checks with the Ghost are just unfair because there is no place that a stick is safe once the flex begins and the finish is just awesome when it connects and sends a stick flying.

As shown in the video this is not a power shooters shaft. When you crank up the flex is so severe that it can actually cause the ball to never get anywhere near to the goal. Clearing and hard feeds have the same issue often skyrocketing into the air. Cradling can some times lead to unfortunate drops as your hands get lower to shoot because the ball will bend the shaft throwing off the force that holds it in the pocket.
Overall the flex on the Ghost lends itself to a Dmid position that is looking to throw a good check but isn't you’re atypical go to goal crank shooter 7 out of 10.

Looks 10 out of 10

Again the Ghost is supposed to look cool and that is why I am counting their looks in their score. The shaft is fully customizable, you can slide anything into it and create your own custom shaft. The Glo shaft is just insanely cool looking and when the light hits it the image is just too cool. Everywhere you go with a Ghost shaft someone will ask about it and pictures and video do definitely stand out. The guys over at Wolf Athletics have got the awesome factor down for the first clear shaft out there.


Overall 8.5 out of 10

My goto gamer? No. But a fun shaft for summer ball, pickup, and maybe some Box yeah. The Ghost is a cool shaft and it has some awesome factors and some drawbacks like any shaft if you are someone looking for a fun shaft to pick up and something that looks a little different definitely pick up a Ghost, as a coach it keeps my players attention so it’s staying around for me 8.5 out of 10.
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