Getting to Know Alpha Lacrosse

Getting to Know Alpha Lacrosse

Alpha, a San Diego based lacrosse shaft manufacturer, is making strides in an emerging West Coast lacrosse market. They make carbon fiber shafts with controlled flex points in shafts have been shown to improve shot speed (we'll give you a full review when we get our hands on one soon). I caught up with National Sales Manager, Jay Card to learn more about Alpha Lacrosse.

How and when did Alpha Lacrosse start?

"We started in January of 2012, when we were introduced to new Carbon Fiber technology that was making its way from the golf industry into Lacrosse and Hockey.  Immediately we recognized this technology as a game changer in the lacrosse handle industry.  We set our sights on designing our own line of composite handles that would meet the needs of Elite Lacrosse players."

"Made from cutting edge composite Carbon Fiber, our Handles are designed with the elite player in mind.  One of the lightest sticks on the market, the OG shorty’s optimal weight to strength ration and mid flex are guaranteed to increase shot velocity, and ball release speed. This stick is truly on the cutting edge of lacrosse handle technology." What's up with the name? What is the company's mission?  

"The name Alpha Lacrosse arose from our vision of the Company and the players we were making handles for.  The word Alpha – means the first or the leading/dominant individual.  Simply put, we want to be the Alpha of the sport, producing equipment for the Alpha’s on the field.  Our Mission, to lead the industry, producing leading edge technology for the Elite player."

Does Alpha Lacrosse sponsor any teams/leagues? Any plans to? 

"No sponsorships at the moment. But stay tuned on that."

What products do you guys make? What kind of innovation goes into Alpha Lacrosse products?

"We make lacrosse handles, hats and tees.  We strive to constantly change and update our handles to be the leader in the carbon fiber lacrosse handle market. "

"After 4 years of providing the most elite lacrosse handles in the game, we went back to the drawing board and launched our Fade 2016.  The Fade 2016 short stick was designed with a new generation of Carbon Fiber and a new proprietary weave that offers the same Flex with increased durability.  We also changed the graphics and offered an additional color option that stays true to our West Coast Roots."

What are some of the challenges of launching a lacrosse company and how have you overcome them? 

"Our biggest obstacle has been spreading the word about our Elite handles.  Everyone who uses our product loves it.  Coming from a non-traditional lacrosse area in San Diego, we embrace the challenge to be the most prominent West Coast lacrosse company."

"Made from cutting edge composite Carbon Fiber, our Handles are designed with the elite player in mind.  The OG Long Stick, uses a calculated flex ratio to allow defensemen to literally, “wrap their checks around players”.  This is the ideal D Pole to bring your game to the next level."

What can we expect from Alpha Lacrosse in the future?

"Continued innovations on our Lacrosse Handle, new graphics and, possibly, the other piece of a lacrosse stick that attaches to the handle…"

With a number of technology patents coming to an end this year, we're going to see more lacrosse companies take the leap and design lacrosse heads. Alpha has established themselves as a new force in the budding West Coast lacrosse scene.

We look forward to getting our hands on these lax shafts for a full review.


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