Gear Review: LVL Lacrosse

Gear Review: LVL Lacrosse

LVL Lacrosse (pronounced "Level") is a new company that has hit the ground running with a line up of innovative high quality products that are priced far lower than one would normally expect.

Their sticks are sold as “completes,” meaning everything you’ll need in a lacrosse stick in one complete bundle, and they will work great for beginner lacrosse players as well as seasoned veterans. 

The LVL Altitude Complete is a no-nonsense stick that to me seems priced about fifty dollars lower than it should be. The Altitude is available in both a men’s and women’s stick. The Altitude also comes in two alternate configurations for long pole defenders (60” handle) and goalies (40” handle plus goalie head). The really impressive thing is that no matter the configuration, the price remains $49.99. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company offer a single price-point for short sticks, long sticks, and goalie sticks.

The head isn’t quite stiff enough for defensive play at the high school level and above, but it would be a great option for youth players. The short stick however seems like it could hang at any level. I haven’t seen the goalie stick yet, so I have no opinions, or information about it. The price for the Altitude complete, no matter which configuration you choose is an astounding $49.99.

The Aviator is similar to the Altitude in most regards, but there is one significant difference. Like the Altitude, The Aviator comes in men’s, women’s, short stick, long stick, and goalie configurations. The major difference is that the handle breaks down into two pieces (short/goalie stick), and three pieces for the 60” defensive stick. These handles unscrew to come apart, and use a very heavy-duty screw to connect the sections. The Aviator is an ideal solution for those who travel for lacrosse, as it easily fits in a suitcase, or carry-on. We’ve seen handles that break-down into sections before, but I really like the way LVL has done it. The Aviator complete comes in at an impressive $99.99.

Both the Altitude and Aviator handles have an incredibly nice feel with a light rubberized texture. The heads come strung, and even though the stringers of the world will almost always balk at a “factory strung” (pre-strung) head, LVL has done a great job creating a pocket that will lend itself to both new, and experienced players. Every lacrosse player should learn to string, but we all know that’s not really an option early in a lacrosse career, so pre-strung sticks like the LVL Altitude and LVL Aviator are crucial to getting a kid on the field without much worry about his or her gear.

LVL has a “Buy One Give One” program, where they donate a stick to a program in need for every stick they sell. This is a move we’ve seen a few companies do, and I personally believe it is one of the best things a company can do to ensure continuous growth of our sport. We need programs in areas where lacrosse is generally ignored because of its high cost to play. The overall health and growth of our game depends on it, so I applaud companies like LVL who do so much to give back.

The LVL Apex Rebounder ($149.99) is one of my favorite pieces of equipment in recent memory. It’s a 2’x2’ trampoline style rebounder that folds down to an impressively small size and fits easily into a handy carrying case. Being smaller than most rebounders, the Apex is a fantastic tool improve overall accuracy while improving basic stick skills. The Apex is well-built, and I love that you can throw it, a few balls, the Aviator complete in the case, and keep it in your trunk for impromptu “wall ball” sessions wherever you are, whenever you want. That kind of flexibility will benefit every lacrosse players from pros to bobbleheads, and that is a beautiful thing.

LVL is doing more than just offering innovative product for great prices. They are also standing behind their products with what might the best warranty model in the game. All of their products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. That just does not happen in lacrosse. If you’re giving a brand new player a stick that is incredibly inexpensive, and then backing it with a lifetime warranty, and donating a stick for each one sold, you’re really doing everything you can to grow our sport. Well done boys.

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