Gear Review: Epoch Lacrosse 6075 Alloy Shaft

Gear Review: Epoch Lacrosse 6075 Alloy Shaft

After launching with their carbon fiber Dragonfly series, Epoch Lacrosse introduced their also technologically advanced alloy series, designed to maximize performance and playability, without breaking the bank. Each alloy shaft utilizes true aerospace grade materials and features a modern aesthetic with a single white stripe on the side. Epoch's alloy shaft series includes the 6075 (the shaft Nick reviewed below) and the 3075, both incorporating an optimized concave cross-section designed to maximize the potential of a "true" 7075 series alloy. Their 3001 shaft (shown above) provides a best-in-class strength to weight ratio with proven balance. Lastly, the 30Ti was created out of Grade 9 Titanium in a limited quantity run. For a list of dealers and for more information about each specific shaft, please visit their Facebook page at

Equipment Test & Evaluation

Evaluator Bio
Player: Nick A.
Age: 17
Position: LSM/D

Current & Testing Configuration
Current (Make/Model): TriKor Sub13
Test (Make/Model): EPOCH 6075

Equipment Evaluation & Review (Best possible score is 10)
9 out of 10
Notes: Nice and grippy with a very fine, rough coating… Minimalistic design lacking large or distracting graphics

9 out of 10
Notes: At 12 and 5/8 ounces, this shaft is the same weight as the TriKor Sub13. For the price it is fantastically light.

6 out of 10
Notes: The grip didn’t add anything to my play. It performed as any other light shaft.

6 out of 10
Notes: The coating has started to chip in between my hands (where I get checked) and up towards the head (where I check other people with). I haven’t seen many special grippy coatings last, and this is no exception.

Lasting Impressions
Pros: This is a fantastically light shaft with a nice concave octagon shape and quite, classy colors and design.
Cons: The grip doesn’t add anything to the shaft except for something to chip off during use.
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