Gear Review: 20D Goalie Throne Mesh

Gear Review: 20D Goalie Throne Mesh

My first impressions of the mesh before I even opened the packaging was that it was very nice vibrantly colored not dulled like other wax treated mesh. The packaging was very professional and not just a piece of mesh in a sandwich bag. It was in packaging similar to what the kits from STX and Warrior are packaged in. The item purchased was clearly labeled telling me exactly what was in the bag. Throne mesh is fairly priced for their goalie mesh at a range of $20 - $30 depending on the style you choose. I picked up my 20d black fade mesh for $30. Other well known companies sell a similar item for $30-35.

Once I opened the mesh package I noticed the mesh had a nice feel to it , and it was not gooey or sticky like many meshes can be. It was easy to stretch, and did not leave any flakes all over my table or myself. There was absolutely no wax flaking off the mesh at all. While stretching the mesh i found that not only was it very easy to stretch but it also didn't leave my hands chapped and dry like a lot of the non -wax treated meshes can sometimes do.

After taking the preliminary look at the mesh and its qualities i decided to string it into my new black warrior nemesis. The mesh was very easy to string using the same exact pattern as I use for all of my personal nemesis heads. I did this to ensure a proper test without any risk of my results being blamed on the stringing and not the mesh itself. After it was strung I noticed it had exceptional hold comparable to a marc mesh or ninja mesh.

I then took my completed stick out side to throw some passes as well as outlet passes to my friends. The mesh offered a great release and exceptional hold, I threw a fake downfield pass to a friend and he though he lost the ball in the sun. so i then dunked the head mesh and all into my bathtub test the mesh after being subjected to an extreme amount of rain and weather, then back outside for the same test as dry. The mesh performed exactly as it did while dry, no water was absorbed. There was also no bagging to the mesh at all. The next test was the cold weather examination, since there is not any snow on the ground nor cold outside, I put my entire head in the freezer. Throne mesh did not harden or freeze unlike meshes I have used in the past .

My next tests were more game like performance. I had a few friends meet me at a local college for some on field situation drills. A friend of mine warmed me up with a typical warm up of 10 - 15 shots to each location , all shots were full speed. The mesh held up to the tortuous conditions I was putting it through with great strength. Rebound control was excellent, I decided to have a friend shoot 10 shots to each location, I saved 5 with brick hands and 5 soft handed to test if it was my natural abilities controlling rebounds or if it was throne mesh. On average the brick handed rebounds landed about 1.5 ft outside the crease where the soft hands rebounds ranged from no rebound to inches away.

Throne mesh held its shape and channel through all of my tests. Of course the pocket shows some signs of being broken in, but not broken by any means, and I am sure all of you will agree that the pocket wear after these tests are perfectly normal for any mesh. Over all I believe Joe at ThroneOfString has a great product and he is really doing it right. I personally would give Throne Mesh 4.5 stars out of 5. I would say 5 out of 5 but just like anything else I rarely ever give perfect marks. I would strongly recommend Throne mesh to everyone, it is a great investment, and should elevate almost anyone's game. Thank you guys for reading my review and hopefully you all have similar results. You can find me on YouTube and Facebook.

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