Gear Review: 2021 Youth and Beginner Lacrosse Sticks Guide presented by Universal

Gear Review: 2021 Youth and Beginner Lacrosse Sticks Guide presented by Universal

2021 is a great time to be a youth lacrosse player. The gear available for bobbleheads these days is as good as you could possibly hope for. Lacrosse companies are realizing that helping young players fall in love with the game by providing them with gear that will not inhibit their growth as players is a great technique for not only growing the game, but their long-term brand-loyal customer base. When Junior joins a new sport mom and dad often find themselves lost in a sea of gear options, and not many sports are as confusing in terms of gear than lacrosse. Hopefully, we can shed some light on the very first piece of equipment a new lacrosse player should have. The stick. 

Today, we’re going to look at five different complete stick setups that are ideal for newer and younger lacrosse players. 

Sticks for New Players from Ages 12 and Up (3:18)

Warrior EVO Warp Next Complete - $99.99 (4:00)

The Warrior EVO Warp Next Complete is a great option for brand new players. This is a full-sized stick that a player can move up with from the higher youth levels into high school and beyond. The Warp line of sticks come with pockets that are pre-formed and fixed in place. They are a no-fuss option for new and experienced players alike. The Warp's biggest selling point, in my opinion, is consistency. The pocket will never change. However, if your player is the type who likes to customize things, and may eventually like to get into stringing sticks, EVO Warp Next might not be the best option.

STX Stallion U 550 Complete - $99.99 (6:44)

Like the EVO Warp Next, the STX Stallion U 550 is geared to the older (12+) new player. It’s a great option for a player looking for a stick he can grow into while moving from youth, to high school and even into college. The STX Stallion U 550 is a perfect head for all levels of play, and it comes factory strung with a pocket that will allow a new player to be effective from his first minute on the field.

Sticks for Younger Youth Players Ages 5 to 11 (9:32)

Epoch iD Vision Jr. Complete Youth - $69.99 (9:47)

The Epoch iD Vision Jr. complete is an incredibly versatile youth stick. It comes with a VERY stiff head that is currently used at every level, including the pros. The handle is scaled down in size for little hands. The full-sized head fits the smaller youth shaft by using a plastic insert in the head. What this means is that as the player grows in size he can take his Epoch iD Vision Jr. from “junior” to “senior” by swapping the handle and moving to a full sized shaft. Strung beautifully, this is a perfect option for new, and youth players with some serious upwards mobility.

StringKing Complete 2 Junior - $69.99 (14:26)

The StringKing Complete Jr. is a true youth stick. The handle has a smaller diameter for small hands, and the head weight, strength, and stiffness has been scaled way back for younger players. It’s a very lightweight stick and a perfect option for your bobblehead. I love the StringKing Complete 2 Jr. for the little guys (11 and under), but I definitely don’t recommend it for the higher levels of youth lacrosse and above. It just won’t withstand the abuse. It’s strung beautifully, and it will help your young new player get up to speed without his stick holding him back.

Maverik Critik ST Complete - $69.99 (16:40)

Another fantastic option for the new youth player is the Critik ST. It has a smaller handle like the previous two, with a plastic insert to make the full-sized head fit. The Critik ST Complete is perfect for smaller/younger players to hit the field ready to play, and robust enough to move into the higher levels like the Epoch ID Jr. Vision. The handle.

I am a huge fan of all of these sticks, as each addresses an important need in the game of lacrosse. Inexpensive, high quality equipment that is geared toward youth and brand new players is a perfect way to grow the game we love. Well done Epoch, STX, Warrior, StringKing and Maverik.

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