Game Photos: Georgetown Hoyas vs. Princeton Tigers

The first annual Play for Parkinson’s fall lacrosse tournament was held this weekend at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. The tournament will benefit the ProjectSpark Foundation and was a huge success. The tournament featured some of the nations best D1 collegiate lacrosse teams: The University of Virginia, Georgetown, Princeton, and Army. We took a few pictures of Georgetown vs. Princeton as well as Princeton vs. UVA.

Game 1:

Georgetown surprised us with their new White Brine Triumph helmets. Typically, the Hoyas sport Grey or Navy helmets. A change is definitely good. Also, a majority of the players were playing with Clutch 2s and wearing Brine Thriller gloves.

Princeton not only looked sharp, but they also played fairly well. A good amount 0f people on the sideline were flustered because their uniforms did not display a number. The only way to figure out who you were specifically watching was a tiny number on the players shorts. For the most part, the players were wearing Orange Warrior Burn Speed 3.0 cleats.

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