Gait STI90 Lacrosse Shaft Review

Gait STI90 Lacrosse Shaft Review

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Gait’s new direction on lacrosse equipment has been interesting for the lacrosse community. I have to say it’s made me a believer that Gait is moving towards being a major contender. They are known for innovation that many times doesn't come across great to the American lacrosse community. Moreover, some of the lightest handles weren't entirely that strong. The new direction includes slightly heavier handles with much more durable feeling and equipment that definitely impresses, the STi 90 looks to keep Gait competitive within the market.

Shape 9 out of 10. The new Gait shape shown on the STi 90 has a more classically rounded shape, similar to Warrior and Brine. The shaft doesn't feel too thick or thin when playing and gives a great feel when cradling and dodging. I felt that I could dangle this handle with or without gloves without any trouble and didn't feel uncomfortable going through the motion.

Grip 8 out of 10. Grip is very subjective some people like the diamond grip, some like the rubberized and some, like me, like a smooth handle that we can throw some tape on. Even though I love to tape a handle, I tested the STi 90 without any at all and still felt incredibly comfortable. I have only played without tape a couple of times and always felt that the stick got far too slippery after a short time with some sweat. But, 30 minutes into a box game with this handle and plenty of sweat, I still had a solid hold on the handle through checks and some boarding.

Durability 10 out of 10. The STi 90 is a Scandium Titanium handle, it really doesn’t get any better than that. There’s a few of these on the market. One from each major company it seems, and for the most part they all fall into the same price range. I put the STi 90 through several hard cross checks and took some heavy slashes to the handle and never felt like the handle was shaking or going to give. This handle is what you want from a Scandium Titanium blend and it will definitely impress.

Weight 7.5 out of 10. This is based on the general consensus that most players want the lightest thing possible. This handle has some heft similar to a Dolomite and will leave a mark. It’s not heavy by any means but it’s also not a feather, so a 7.5 is a fair score I think.

Looks 7 out of 10. Classic small logo with not a whole lot going on... not really my cup of tea, but I can’t count how many people have been asking for this kind of graphic for the past several years, so it’s solid.

The Gait STi 90 overall gets a 8.3 out of 10. The STi 90 offers high strength, decent weight, and great value competitive with the best handles on the market. The release of the STi 90 has helped Gait reemerge as one of the big names in high end lacrosse sticks. Anyone looking for a great handle that will leave a mark and no worries about breaking their stick at a clutch point in the game should definitely pick up a STi 90 this season.
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