Gait Lacrosse, adidas Canada and CLA Support U-19 Team

Gait Lacrosse, adidas Canada and CLA Support U-19 Team

OTTAWA, ON, January, 2012 – Take notice Canada - a new era for Canadian lacrosse has arrived with 2012. The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) has undertaken a new national team strategy and with it has come an influx in funding and investment in Team Canada Lacrosse and Canada’s National Summer Sport.

The CLA is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with adidas Canada and Gait Lacrosse. These new partnerships are in support of Canada’s National Summer Sport and Team Canada Lacrosse, and in support of efforts to increase participant growth across the country and internationally. Under the new partnerships, Gait Lacrosse will become the official Hard Goods Supplier of the CLA and Team Canada and adidas Canada will become the official Soft Goods Supplier of the CLA and Team Canada. Both suppliers will outfit Canada’s national teams with the best in apparel and equipment for both on and off the field of play.

These new partnerships represent a significant commitment to the CLA’s Team Canada program and to lacrosse across the country as Canada’s National Summer Sport. This year marks the beginning of a few very exciting opportunities for Canada on the international stage. In 2012, the CLA’s Junior Men’s National Team will head to Finland for the World Junior Championships, followed by 2013 when Canada will be host to the FIL Women’s World Cup in Oshawa, Ontario. The international excitement is bookended by the Senior Men’s Field Lacrosse Team competing in Denver, US at the 2014 World Field Lacrosse Championships.

“The CLA Board and its members have taken a huge step forward in recognizing and supporting Canada Lacrosse and our national teams” stated Joey Harris, CLA President. “They deserve great credit in seeing the future of Canada’s National Summer Sport and supporting the dream of every lacrosse player who has already discovered our beloved sport and those young Canadians who have yet to discover it. To have two nationally recognized companies come on board speaks to this exciting time for Canadian Lacrosse”.

Jeff Clements, Director of adidas Canada, commented on the new partnership by saying “adidas Canada is proud to have the opportunity to partner with the Canadian Lacrosse Association. As the leading “global” athletic brand, adidas is excited to be associated with the CLA and Canada’s National Summer Sport of lacrosse. With the heritage of the adidas brand – rooted in TEAM sports, it is fitting that adidas work with the Canadian Lacrosse Association to provide value to our national lacrosse teams. TEAM is a core competency for adidas Canada and adidas’ ability to deliver quality products, back by unparalleled service should lend itself to a mutually beneficial partnership”.

“Adidas is equally excited to have the Canadian Lacrosse Association choose the Big Kahuna Sports Company as an authorized TEAM Dealer to facilitate this working relationship. Together this partnership should provide a “unique value proposition” for all parties involved,” Clements continued. “adidas is all in”.

“Let’s face it, lacrosse is not an Olympic sport, but it is Canada’s National Summer Sport and so it is in every Canadian’s DNA” stated Terry Rowland, Vice-President of Organizational Development. “To have two partners like adidas Canada and Gait Lacrosse join forces with the CLA in support of our national teams and the greater vision for Canadian Lacrosse is significant. I know our players, members and lacrosse enthusiasts will support our partners loyally, just as they do our teams”.

“We are extremely pleased and thrilled to be partners with the CLA and proud to be the Official Equipment Supplier to Canada’s national teams. In Canada, lacrosse is played by all levels, ages and skills and at Gait Lacrosse we have products to match up with them all. We enjoy knowing our products are helping make the game better from coast to coast” stated Jason Shipley, Gait Canada Brand Unit Manager, Gait Lacrosse. “We look forward working with the best players in Canada to drive our brand and our teams to the next level. GO CANADA GO”.

“We have our junior men’s national team headed to Finland in 2012 with more national support on record than any other national team program in lacrosse history. That speaks volumes and like any great sports story, this team will come through with gold in their hearts” stated Dean French, CLA’s Chairman of Team Canada Lacrosse. “Then we have the women in 2013 competing on home soil, followed by the senior men in Denver come 2014. With lacrosse being as huge as it is in the US we know that millions will be watching, having national partners like adidas and Gait behind us will be huge.”

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About the Canadian Lacrosse Association
The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) is the governing body responsible for all aspects of lacrosse in Canada. The CLA mission is to honour the sport of lacrosse and its unique nation-building heritage, by engaging our members and leading our partners and providing opportunities for all Canadians to participate. We value health, excellence, accountability, respect and teamwork. For more details on the Canadian Lacrosse Association and the sport of lacrosse, visit
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