Fourteen Graphics You Think 'Em We Print 'Em Contest

Fourteen Graphics You Think 'Em We Print 'Em Contest

Fourteen Graphics and Lacrosse Playground are giving you the opportunity to win 20 FREE pairs of shorts. Put together your best design and see if it holds up!

Founded in 2009, Fourteen Graphics is a full service screen printing, embroidery, dye sublimation, digital and offset printing, and branding design consulting company. Built off the desire to provide a better solution for teams, companies and organization’s need in the graphics industry, they pride themselves with a high level of customer service and attention to their clients. Their designs have been featured on Lacrosse Playground numerous times. We feel fortunate to partner with such a high quality graphics company for a fun contest giveaway with our fans.

View directions below:

Use the template above to design your shorts. Email your design to and it will be posted to a Contest Photo Album so people can 'LIKE' the best design. The four designs with the most likes will move on to the next and final round. The second round would decide the winner between those four and the winner wins 20 FREE shorts. The first round ends next Friday, September 21, and the final round ends one week after, September 28. Oh yeah, the three other finalists get 15% off their shorts if their design doesn't win. BTW, the shorts have pockets!

IMPORTANT: You must LIKE both Fourteen Graphics and Lacrosse Playground on Facebook to be officially entered in the contest.

Remember, submit your designs to Contest has officially started. Good Luck!!!
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