Flexin' with Wolf Athletics: Ghost Shaft review

Our friends over at Wolf Athletics sent us a couple of innovative products to check out. We received their brand new LED kit and a couple of clear Ghost shafts. These shafts are different than anything else on the market. The shafts are not metal, titanium, scandium, wood, or carbon fiber, as most shafts in the industry. These shafts are actually made from a blend of poly-carbonate materials and bullet proof glass, making them extremely tough to break. The company backs this by having a five-year warranty on the product (yes, 5 years!). They try to break one in this video.


This is by far one of my favorite items of the year. Who wouldn't want to at least try one of these? We took it out to the streets of NYC and immediately, people referred to the sticks as light sabers. The ball and shaft were extremely visible and easy to see at night.


What exactly is different about the Ghost shaft and what differentiates it from every other shaft on the market? Besides from being clear and see through, they flex. Flex has definitely been shown to improve players shot speed. This shaft flexes an extreme amount and was fun to shoot. Below, besides my ripped triceps bulging, check out the shaft flexing as I come through the shot.

 IMG_8297 (1)

It definitely takes some getting used to, but when dialed in, it's deadly! Let me know what you think on our Instagram.

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