Five long-time Sales Reps and Dealers to be honored in Las Vegas

The 15th Annual Let’s Play Hockey and Lacrosse International Expo is pleased to announce the five long-time sales representatives and five outstanding hockey, lacrosse and figure skating dealers who will be honored at the Expo’s opening night party on Tuesday, October 16th. The individuals who will be honored were nominated by their peers for their outstanding dedication and service to the industries.

The five long-time sales reps include: Bob Reid, Jan Hugosson, Dick Igo, Sandy Lynch and Jerry Webb.

The five outstanding dealers include: Murray Sandler (Murray Sandler Skate and Rink Supply), Sandy Steindler (Ultimate Skate and Hockey), Fred Taylor (Cyclone Taylor Sports, posthumously awarded), Tom Sachs (Hat Trick Hockey), and James Darcangelo (LAX World).

Please join us to honor these outstanding individuals at the Harrow Sports Opening Night Party from 5:00-6:30 p.m. in the exhibit hall at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, site of the Expo.

Congratulations to these deserving individuals.

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