Fit2Win World Championship T-Shirts

Fit2Win has unveiled new World Championship t-shirts. Fit2Win wanted to do something to give some traction to the World Lacrosse Championships here in the States and decided on this collection. Their design compliments their best-selling Collegiate Licensed Lacrosse T-Shirt Collection with additional side graphics to give it more lasting appeal.

The collection includes the United States, Canada, Wales, Ireland, England and Australia to name a few. Today LPG will be showing you the Ireland and Wales T-Shirts. All shirts are 100% Cotton Preshrunk.

The Ireland shirt is Royal Blue with "Ireland" written across the chest in Yellow which makes the shirt really pop.

The lower left side of front of the shirt is what makes these shirts so unique. Each shirt has a symbol or logo that reflects the pride of each country. The Ireland shirt displays a four leaf clover.

Down the spine of the back you'll notice a lacrosse stick with the four leaf clover in the head with "lacrosse" representing the shaft.

The Wales shirt is a Forest Green with "Wales" across the chest in Red. This shirt is truly inline with the Wales theme and equipment in regards to color and the use of the logo.

This is one of the best logos we've seen. "Lacrosse" interwoven into a artistic design is rarely seen because it is not easy to do. The Wales logo is not only present on the shirt but also on the teams Warrior Sugardaddys and 1 Lacrosse shaft.

The back of the shirt has the logo within the head and "lacrosse" running down the spine.

These should be available soon at Fit2Win dealers everywhere. What are your thoughts on the shirts?!
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