Fit2Win World Championship T-Shirt for England

Fit2Win has dropped a new piece for their World Championship Series, England. This shirt has a bit more of historical meaning behind it. Find out more below.

"England" is spread across the chest in Navy Blue with "Lacrosse" below it in White.

The side of the shirt displays three fierce lions known as the Coat of Arms. The coat of arms of England (formally known as royal coat of arms of England) was a symbol of the kingdom and monarchs of England. When King Richard I ("The Lionheart") came to the throne he first adopted his personal arms of two lions rampant on a red field, however by the end of his life he had adopted a shield with three lions passant, on a red field.

The back fits the same theme of the other shirts in the series with an artistic take on a lacrosse stick running down the spine. As you may notice, the Coat of Arms wraps around the lower left side of the shirt.

Very cool image of one of the lions in the center of the head.

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