Fightdentist Lacrosse Mouth Guards

Fightdentist™ Boil-n-Mold Pro Guards are suitable for athletes participating in all contact sports. Designed and engineered by dentists, the guard utilizes the proprietary SportShield Technology™ uniquely known as The Fightdentist™ Impact Defense System™. SportShield Technology™ out lasts and out performs traditional EVA guards in both protection and durability. Fightdentist™ Boil-n-Mold Pro Guards provide athletes the closest fit to a custom athletic dental guard available in the market today.

The Fightdentist™ Impact Defense System™ is an exclusive blend of SportShield Technology™ and EVA materials that provide athletes a custom fit at a fraction of the cost over made-to-order athletic dental guards. Fightdentist™ guards provide up to three times the protection of other guards and five times the durability. With a density of up to 4mm in thickness, Fightdentist™ mouth guards provide dentist recommended protection.

Fightdentist can customize the mouthguard in a variety of cool designs. View a video testimonial from lacrosse players below.

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