Farkas Eye Black Engraving Option

Farkas Eye Black Engraving Option

Embracing their role as an innovator in the eye black market, Farkas Eye Black is at it once again; adding a new feature to their (already stylish) silver tins: personal engraving, which brings a whole new level of meaning to the tradition-rich and scientifically proven product. You may remember when we heard of Farkas Eye Black’s new “Inside the Tin” section a few months ago and also its mention as a top Christmas gift by ESPN.

As you know, Farkas Eye Black was inspired by NFL great Andy Farkas, who in 1942, was the first to wear eye black in NFL. The company pays homage to that tradition and to science by selling traditional eye black grease (the kind proven by Yale to work) in a vintage tin.

“We strive to make Farkas Eye Black a top quality product, rich in tradition and reflective of the athletes wearing it,” Brian Farkas, company president and grandson of Andy Farkas said, “and adding the engraving option helps to reinforce that reflection of quality and tradition on the athletes themselves.

“My grandfather’s legacy and our company’s mission is to remind athletes ‘Whatever you do in life; on or off the field, do it with Passion,’” Farkas said.

“The option to have a personally engraved tin brings extra meaning to the idea of playing with that passion and that’s a quality we wish to see in all top athletes.”

Athletes can have up to four lines of information engraved on the top of a Farkas Eye Black tin, from personal names, to team names, numbers, and much more. Be sure to check it out for yourself at www.farkaseyeblack.com.
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