EZ Wheels: Lacrosse Goal Carrier

Recently, LPG had the pleasure to chat with EZ Wheels owner & designer, Joe Pastore. The EZ Wheels Lacrosse Goal Carrier is a unique set of wheels that attach to the bottom front corners of the lacrosse goal. They allow one person to pivot the goal over the wheels which gives them the ability to move the goal independently~ on and off the field. Read below about what EZ Wheels is all about and why you may need to consider getting one.

1. How did the EZ Wheels idea come about?
My name is coach Pastore. I’ve been part of the Lacrosse Brotherhood since circa 1970 I’ve been an assistant lacrosse coach for the last 10 years and getting the players to attend to the goals has been a distraction as well as allot of wasted time. The guy’s have dropped the goals bending them out of shape and several guys have gotten hurt. We needed a simple way to move the goals without the hassle.

2. Do you have a patent on the EZ Wheels?
The EZ Wheels are patent pending. The Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at Arizona State University helped me file the application this year.

3. What are the EZ Wheels made out of?
The EZ Wheels are made with a solid steel frame. They are powder coated to withstand the wear and tare of a lacrosse program. It has a durable caster wheel that is positioned to align with the face of the goal when attached. The nylon bearing in the wheel will not rust and the wheels are rated for 275 lbs. each.

4. How long have the EZ Wheels been around?
The EZ Wheels were JUST introduced to the lacrosse market place this past August and has been very well received. They have been in the design stage since 2007 I am in the process of marketing them to as many fellow lacrosse enthusiasts as I can. I have been shipping them all over the country. When you have your own set you become the most popular player or coach on the field. My guys are always asking “Hey coach where are those wheels?”

5. Can they be used on both grass and turf surfaces?
The Wheels are made with a soft rubber that will roll very well over a grass surface. It is ideal on a turf field as well and saves on unnecessary damage from dropping the goals or dragging them. Allot of money is invested in turf fields and the EZ Wheels are a great way to keep them in top shape.

6. Do all goals fit into EZ Wheels?
Lax EZ Wheels LLC has several designs to match up with different types of goals. The Official Flat Iron Goal with a centered post and iron less than 3.75” wide (such as the Brine Lacrosse Goal) is available now. The Collegiate and MLL Goals that have a 4” Flat bar with an offset post aligned to the inside edge of the goal will be available early 2011. We have other designs that will be available come early spring. We are keeping a waiting list for those who need the ‘Offset EZ Wheels’ and will ship them out as soon as they are ready.

7. Is there a life expectancy?
The EZ Wheels are practically IN destructible. With normal use they should last a long, long time. They are built to last.

8. Would you recommend EZ Wheels for people with goals in their back yards?
Where ever you have your goals stored and need them moved either to a field location or in a yard setting the EZ Wheels Lacrosse Goal Carrier will make moving them a simple process. No longer do you need another hand to move the goals. It’s great for the avid player who wants to practice shooting, but has to wait for help to move the goal. With the EZ Wheels just slide them over the bottom corners of the goal, lift it from the point at the back and roll them to the field. You’re good to go.

9. Do the wheels have a 360 degree rotation?
The EZ Wheel Lacrosse Goal Carrier has a fixed wheel that is aligned to the angle of the flat bar and the face of the goal. I have several prototypes that have adjustable wheels but the ones that are for sale have less moving parts that can be damaged or broken. When attached the goal can be maneuvered 360 degrees and rotated in a circle, pulled or pushed to any location.

10. Where can people buy EZ Wheels?
The EZ Wheels are available on line at www.laxezwheels.com. We except all major credit cards and ship through out the United States. All foreign sales need to contact us at info@laxezwheels.com. Distributors are welcome. Just add them to your accessories catalog. Special pricing is available for quantity sales.

11. What’s in store for the future of your company? Any other products?
Besides adding a wheel design for all goals and some promotional T-Shirts Lax EZ wheels LLC is looking forward to having a set of wheels in everyone’s lacrosse bag. A set of wheels weighs about 4 lbs. and is the ultimate accessory for a safe and EZ way to move a lacrosse goal. Every Boy’s, Girl’s, Men’s and Women’s lacrosse team should have a set of EZ Wheels. We offer a 4 Pack Discount; just keep a set at each goal. Looking for a unique gift for under the Christmas tree? EZ Wheels ~ Lacrosse Goal Carrier.
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