Eye Bling: Primitive X Oakley Frogskins

You’ve just left the field and you realize the sun is too much to bare. As you lift off your helmet the first thing that goes is your sight. Then you suddenly realize you’ve misplaced your shades again. It’s hard to see with out the polarized lenses of a solid pair of sunglasses. LPG suggests you go get the Primitive X Oakley Frogskin.

Primitive Sunglasses

Primitive, a retail store in Encino, California, is owned by world renowned skateboarder Paul Rodriquez Jr. AKA P-ROD. Primitive specializes in sweet Nike SBs, Adidas,  New Balance, The Hundreds and now Primitive X Oakley Frogskin sunglasses. P-ROD and Primitive have teamed up with venerable Oakley to develop a sweet piece of eye bling.P-ROD states the inspiration comes from:

"The artwork found on a certain 80's heavy metal album cover, which is reflected most on the silk screened bag. The sunglasses feature a gradient colorway. It fades from black to purple, midnight blue, and eventually a clear finish. Our Primitive "P" is branded on both sets of detachable arms."


The Frogskins are released today and go for $275. For more information on this item and others like it peep www.primitiveshoes.com.

Would you wear these?
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