Era Flexion Shaft Review

Era Flexion Shaft Review

There's tons of carbon fiber shafts coming to the market these days, but the Flexion shaft from Era Lacrosse found a few ways to stick out from the rest.


The Era Flexion has a bit of flex to it but not quite as much as I've felt on other shafts.  You can't really feel the flex when passing but when you're shooting it has a bit of a snap to it which feels nice and gives you a bit of extra speed on your shots.  I like this as I don't really like feeling a ton of flex, but like the small benefits it has.


The Flexion is a standard shape with rounded edges, which feels good in hand.  The grip on the Flexion is different than any other shaft I felt.  It has a texture that looks like a bunch of sand was dropped on it and then painted over.  This feels great as it gives you a ton of grip and feel on your gloves due to the extra gritty texture, but still let's your hands slide nicely.  The texture also doesn't seem like it'll wear off like the sandpaper grip on some other carbon shafts do.


The biggest thing you'll notice is the look of the shaft.  I tried out the Red Star Nunchuck edition, designed by Tom Ledin from Red Star Lacrosse.  The shaft literally looks like a set of nunchucks.  I'm not the biggest fan of the look, since I like a simple, clean looking shaft (I ended up just taping the whole thing), but if crazy cool is your thing, this is the shaft for you. And for you kids that like to "celly", I'm sure you could come up with some cool ones with this thing.

The Flexion is quite durable and held up without any issue to some solid slashes. I don't seem any issue with the durability of this shaft as the carbon absorbs impacts very well.

Overall, the Era Flexion is a good option for a carbon fiber shaft especially if you're into the crazy graphics on the shaft.
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