Epoch Women's Lacrosse Handles To Be Showcased At The 2012 US Lacrosse Convention In Philadelphia

Epoch Women's Lacrosse Handles To Be Showcased At The 2012 US Lacrosse Convention In Philadelphia

EPOCH Lacrosse. The word is getting around about this new handle company and it is a word that is not to be quickly ignored. With the latest carbon and composite technology, Epoch is delivering a line of handles designed specifically for the women's game that are sure to please any player at any ability level. All Epoch Lacrosse shafts utilize True Temper Technology.

In regard to the women’s line, Epoch is bringing their “A” game to the field with 4 different types of 32” women’s shafts. The “Transition” handle, called the Dragonfly WT-32, offers varying cross-sections and diameters, along with a tapered area that provides a bit of flex for that extra bit of power. It may baffle the mind at first but offers a couple different ways to be mounted on the head depending on your preference of stick feel. There are two models with full size cross-sections that offer even more variation to suit each player’s game. One of these is the Dragonfly WC-32F that offers a significant amount of flex for those players who prefer a bit more whip in their passing and shooting style while the other is a NO Flex version called the Dragonfly WC-32 that is seriously stiff. This handle is ideal for power players who prefer the maximum power transfer a handle can offer. The NO Flex version is also great for players in the women’s game who take the draw and even for defenders who like to deliver that game changing check. The last handle in the Epoch Dragonfly women’s line is their women’s slim diameter handle, called the WS-32. Still strong enough to take, as well as dish out, the punishment but in a slimmer diameter, for players who have smaller hands or those who prefer a smaller diameter handle.

Aside from their multiple cross-sections (diameters) and varying flexibilities, Epoch brings one of the best gripping surfaces to the game with their Slip/Grip coating on the women’s line. You could use words like sandpaper, stucco, etc…but hands down Slip/Grip is one surface that can eliminate the need for tape all together. The great thing about Slip/Grip is that it provides mobility for the player to switch hand positions quite easily and yet even when wet gives a stable no slip surface to keep your game at its top level.

In addition to the Slip/Grip on the playing surface, Epoch uses a carbon resin filler on the end of the handle that mounts to the head. This provides a place for the screw threads to hold on to when attaching the head. This is great since composite handles, even with all their features, usually end up having the screw hole stripped out after check impacts, causing the head to get loose. Epoch simply says problem fixed!

Now for the topper! Epoch delivers one of the best warranties in all of lacrosse. A 1-year warranty on their handles! The current industry standard is 6 months. And of course your handle always breaks at about the 8th month according to Murphy’s Law.

When it all comes down to it, Epoch has put together a great line that will surely get noticed for their classy white to gray fade finish, they're lightweight, and not to be forgotten exceptional warranty. Be sure to visit the Longstreth booth at the Lacrosse convention in Philly this January, to see the entire Epoch women’s line-up and meet their factory rep to get the inside scoop! In the meantime, check out Epoch products online at http://www.longstreth.com/products.asp?dept=2018. Also, be sure to become a fan at facebook.com/Longstreth.Sporting.Goods and facebook.com/epochlax.
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