Epoch  Lacrosse  Introduces Their Women's Dragonfly Lineup  With Flex Appeal

Epoch Lacrosse Introduces Their Women's Dragonfly Lineup With Flex Appeal

A leader in carbon fiber technology, Epoch Lacrosse is setting new standards for women's lacrosse.

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 28, 2012) - Epoch Lacrosse released their 2013 men's Dragonfly lineup a couple weeks ago, and this week they are launching their series of technologically advanced carbon fiber shafts made specifically for women. Epoch places great importance on having a shaft for every type of lacrosse player, male or female, beginner or pro.

Their women's Dragonfly lineup returns for 2013 with modernized cosmetics and some technological updates including the introduction of Advanced Carbon Layering II, or ACL II, and Slip/Grip II.

Technology You Can See and Feel

Epoch's ACL II is what separates their shafts from conventional products. Epoch achieves this by layering carbon fiber in a specific manner, allowing them to control several aspects of the shaft's performance. This technology is what allows Epoch to have the ability to adjust and
vary the stiffness profile, commonly referred to as flex, of each shaft.

A conventional shaft, whether carbon fiber or alloy, will experience a certain amount of flex when passing and shooting. Often this flex is uncontrolled and inconsistent, but with ACL II,
Epoch can control the stiffness profile of each shaft to maximize the performance and playability of them. "With the addition of flex, we can increase the offset of the head when
passing and shooting to provide additional hold and whip. This is a dynamic function of the
shaft; the harder a player shoots and/or passes, the more flex they feel," said James Miceli (@jamesmiceli), Principal of Epoch Lacrosse. "However, it is important that we are mindful of how the shaft feels and performs when it is flexing as well as what happens after the shaft flexes," James continues.

When a load is introduced through passing and shooting, a shaft will flex. Epoch's ACL II is designed to make the shaft return to its un-flexed position, which is called recovery. Ryan Hurley (@ryanhurley26), National Sales Rep for Epoch adds, “When working with the engineers, we not only care about the shaft flexing backward during the wind up of a shot, but also about the performance of the shaft when it is in recovery or returning to the starting position towards the release point. We understand the science behind this and study the force a shaft experiences during the complete act of shooting."

Epoch also places great importance on the "feel" of each shaft, and that is why they designed a line of carbon fiber shafts specifically for the women's game. They believe that above all, each shaft needs to feel right. As they grow the line, it is vital to them to continue to use their
Optimal Feel Design to continue evolving the shafts. Epoch is also introducing their Slip/Grip II, a more durable, textured clear coat for their 2013 lineup. "At Epoch, we continue to offer the
industry leading one year warranty on all our shafts. So play hard; we will back you up!", adds
Jessica Alexander, the Director of Customer Service and Community Relations.

Cosmetically, the Dragonfly continues to raise the bar with Epoch's high concept, minimalistic design, now offered in both a matte white and matte black version, with a purple foil finished
pin stripe from top to bottom. Creative Director of The Found (Epoch's agency of record), further explains "The foil-finished pin strip adds an elegant yet classic look to match the performance of the women's Dragonfly shafts."

The 2013 Women's Dragonfly Shafts

The 2013 women's Dragonfly line includes a total of four shafts. Epoch offers three distinct shafts with unique geometry in the attack/middie length as well as one goalie shaft, allowing players to find the perfect "feel".

The WC32, WS32 and WT32 return to the lineup with improved cosmetic design, increased grip and a lower price. Joining the women's Dragonfly series of shafts is Epoch's carbon fiber goalie shaft, the R40.

As a result of the positive feedback Epoch received during their prototype testing program, they added 10" of grip on the bottom of each of their women's shafts for 2013. This tacky, clear coat provides great control and added feel for today's top players. The price of the shafts has
been reduced from $100 to $85 (US MSRP) for 2013, offering the same great performance at a
lower, more competitive price point. As mentioned above, each shaft includes the newest
technology with ACL II and Slip/Grip II as well as updated cosmetics available in both black and white.

The Dragonfly WC32 was designed with the elite player in mind. Lightweight and durable, this shaft offers a familiar “feel”, while the standard 1” concave geometry keeps hands loose and

The Dragonfly WS32 is designed for players with smaller hands or those who prefer a thinner shaft. It has an concave geometry, in a slim 7/8” diameter, offering comfort without sacrificing
Dragonfly performance. Each shaft comes standard with a 7/8" to 1” adapter.

The Dragonfly WT32, Epoch's transition shaft, offers an ergonomically enhanced design that combines three distinctly different cross-sections, providing a completely unique feel. Starting
at the top and working down to the bottom, the shaft begins with a standard 1” concave
geometry and transitions to a slim 7/8" geometry. The shaft then reverts back to a standard 1” geometry before finally transitioning to a teardrop. The WT32 is one of the most versatile shafts in the game today.

Rounding out the line and also new to the women's 2013 lineup is the Dragonfly R40, Epoch's goalie shaft ($145 US MSRP). This super light and fast shaft is engineered specifically for the goalie position. The relaxed concave design keeps goalie's hands loose and fast. This particular shaft also has Epoch's Three-Zone Grip, an engineered tacky grip with optimal placement at the top, middle and bottom of the shaft.

To keep up with Epoch and for a list of all authorized dealers, please visit Epoch's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/epochlax. Also, be sure to stay tuned for Epoch's weekly shaft highlight.

About Epoch Lacrosse (@epochlax): Epoch Lacrosse delivers the finest manufactured
lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by using world class materials and techniques. Developed in collaboration with True Temper Sports, Epoch shafts are made from the highest grade materials available. They have tested and retested each design to ensure durability, playability and performance are optimized. Their goal is simple; to give the player every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.
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