Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Women's Dragonfly Lineup

Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Women's Dragonfly Lineup

Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Women's Dragonfly Lineup
Epoch Lacrosse brings flexibility to the women's game with four unique models.

Both the men's and women's Dragonfly lineups will be available in the US and Canada October 16, 2011 and Europe early 2012.

We are excited to announce that Epoch Lacrosse is introducing their women’s Dragonfly carbon fiber shaft lineup today. A direct result of Project Dragonfly's three year development process, and designed specifically for women, the lineup consists of four unique models; the WT32, WC32, WC32F and WS32. Epoch launched with their men's Dragonfly line last week and we love what this company is all about. It's pretty awesome that Epoch is offering flexibility for both the men's and women's games with nine unique models (in total) and we can't wait for these shafts to hit dealers next week.

During the Dragonfly design process, Epoch recognized that what works for men doesn't always work for women and vice versa. Although the Dragonfly models share similar designs and technological advantages, each model has its own particular characteristics to create its own "feel", designed for every type of player. Each of the four women's models were designed with a particular goal in mind and specifically created for the women's game. Keep reading for more information and never before seen photos of the four women's models.

- The Dragonfly WT32 ($100 US MSRP) is an ergonomically enhanced design that combines three distinctly different cross-sections for a completely unique feel. Starting at the top and working down to the bottom, the shaft begins with a standard cross-section and transitions to a slim cross-section. The shaft then reverts back to a standard cross-section before transitioning to a teardrop cross-section. The WT32 is the most versatile shaft in the game today.

- The Dragonfly WC32 (($100 US MSRP) was designed with the elite player in mind. Lightweight and durable, this shaft offers a familiar “feel”, while the standard size cross-section keeps hands loose and fast.

- The Dragonfly WC32F (($100 US MSRP) offers the same attributes as the WC32, but with the added Flex for an entirely different and softer “feel". Designed for the player ready to take the next step, the WC32F's different feel will add a unique element to the game.

- The Dragonfly WS32 (($100 US MSRP) is designed for players with smaller hands or those who prefer a thinner shaft. It has an octagon shape, in a slim diameter, offering comfort without sacrificing Dragonfly performance.

Each of the women's Dragonfly models share a similar design philosophy and are manufactured using the same techniques and processes. With the help of True Temper Technology™, Epoch is revolutionizing the lacrosse shaft through technology, materials, manufacturing and engineering. Dragonfly shafts have many exclusive features designed to maximize performance and playability, including their best-in-class strength to weight ratio. Epoch's Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technique utilizes true aerospace grade carbon fiber, placing the carbon fiber layers at specific angles across multiple axes to limit seams, increase structural integrity and maximize durability. In addition, their Optimal Feel Technology along with their highly engineered topcoat, called Slip/Grip, ensure shafts just "feel" right. With or without gloves, the “Slip/Grip” texture allows the shaft to move freely through the hands and provides a consistent grip to be maintained in all weather.

All Dragonfly shafts include a one year manufacturer warranty and feature individual serial numbers allowing players to register their shaft and receive information on the molecular makeup, materials and manufacturing processes used during development.

Epoch Lacrosse shafts are sold through a select authorized dealer network only. Please visit www.facebook.com/epochlax for a full listing of dealer launch partners. Also, for every new 'like' Epoch gets in the month of October, they will donate money to a breast cancer awareness organization.
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