Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Men's Dragonfly Lineup

Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Men's Dragonfly Lineup

Epoch Lacrosse Announces The Men's Dragonfly Lineup
Offering flexibility for all players.

The Dragonfly lineup will be available in the US and Canada October 16th, 2011 and Europe early 2012 at select authorized dealers only.

We are very excited to announce the Epoch Lacrosse men's Dragonfly shaft lineup. We met the crew at the NCAA Final Four back in May, where we got to know the brand and the people behind it. We also gota sneak peek into what the shafts are like and were able to see the technology in action. It's been a long time coming, but now they have finally arrived.

Epoch sent prototypes to our offices a while back and we have had the chance to playwith them. They don't feel like other carbon fiber shafts available. The textured grip they call Slip/Grip really works and the added flex adds extra whip when passing and shooting. Keep on reading to get exclusive access into the Dragonfly lineup as well as never before seen photos of the shafts.

With five shafts to choose from, Epoch offers flexibility for all players. With the help of True Temper Technology™, Epoch is revolutionizing the lacrosse shaft through design, materials, manufacturing and engineering. A direct result of Project Dragonfly's three year development process, the carbon fiber Dragonfly men's lineup consists of five unique models; the X30, C30, C32B, R60 and the R40.

Each Dragonfly model shares a similar design philosophy and is manufactured utilizing the same technique and process, however each model has its own particular design elements to create its own personality and “Feel.” Dragonfly shafts include a one year manufacturer warranty and feature individual serial numbers allowing players to register their shaft and receive information on the molecular makeup, materials and manufacturing processes used during development.

The Dragonfly X30 and the C30 are Epoch's attack/middie shafts. The Dragonfly C32B is Epoch's box shaft. The Dragonfly R60 is Epoch's defensive shaft and the Dragonfly R40 is the goalie shaft.

-The Dragonfly X30 ($130 US MSRP) offers an Xtreme Concave cross-section to provide maximum “feel” for players who prefer shafts with distinct edges and ridges. It was designed for the offensive-minded player who likes to finish in tight or rip the corner from the top of the box.

-The Dragonfly C30 ($130 US MSRP) offers the traditional feel of a standard concave cross-section, making it an easy transition from a conventional shaft. Both the X30 and C30 are 30" in length and weigh 165g.

-Epoch’s Box shaft, The Dragonfly C32B ($130 US MSRP), is designed for the specific performance demands of Box Lacrosse. Lightweight, fast and durable, this shaft is an instant hit with the "Boxla" crowd.

-The Dragonfly R60 ($200 US MSRP), Epoch’s defensive shaft, is extremely lightweight and durable. It was designed for the offensive-minded long pole who believes in take away checks, ground balls and scoring goals. The relaxed concave cross-section was designed to keep a player's hands loose and fast when throwing checks or picking corners. The Dragonfly R60 falls in the super lightweight division at 340g and is 60" in length.

-The Dragonfly R40, Epoch's goalie shaft ($145 US MSRP), is every shooters worst nightmare. The super light and fast shaft is engineered specifically for the goalie position. Similar to the Dragonfly R60, the relaxed concave design keeps goalie's hands loose and fast. Go ahead and bait the shooter to your off-hand side and with the R40, you'll be there before the ball. The R40 weighs in at only 185g and is 40" in length. This particular shaft also has the Three-Zone Grip, an engineered tacky grip with optimal placement at the top, middle and bottom of the shaft.

Dragonfly shafts have many exclusive features designed to maximize performance and playability. Their Optimal Feel Technology ensures shafts just "feel" right and their highly engineered topcoat called Slip/Grip, allows for a consistent grip to be maintained in all weather, while allowing the shaft to move freely through the hands. Utilizing true aerospace grade carbon fiber, Epoch’s Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technique places carbon fiber layers at specific angles across multiple axes to limit seams, increase structural integrity, and maximize durability. This technique also ensures the shafts remain lightweight and fast, while maintaining their best-in-class strength to weight ratio.

"I love the Epoch shaft," says Dan Glading, a Professional Lacrosse Player and member of the 2006 NCAA National Championship team at UVA. "It is light despite it's strength and has a great feel to it. As an attackman, I dent and bend my shafts too often. This one is different, which will allow me to comfortably use it for multiple years."

Epoch Lacrosse shafts are sold through a select authorized dealer network only. Please visit www.facebook.com/epochlax for a full listing of dealer launch partners. Also, be sure to follow the first ever Dragonfly shaft's journey to the field at twitter.com/TheyCallMeD_Fly.
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