Epoch HAWK: Now with Wi-Fi

Epoch HAWK: Now with Wi-Fi


Minneapolis, MN – April 1, 2015 — Today Epoch announces that the next series of The Hawk will have Built-in Wi-Fi. So, The Hawk will create its own Wi-Fi that any of your devices can connects to. The Hawk is leading the way with the only lacrosse head that offers the built-in 5G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing players the ability to seamlessly connect their smart devices to the internet on and off the field.

Connecting The Hawk’s built-in Wi-Fi to your smart device is simple. It is automatic with an Android™-powered smart device. For iOS users, go to Settings on your phone, into the Wi-Fi settings, and select the network SSID. It begins with the name Epoch Hawk followed by a string of letters and numbers. Once you've selected the Network SSID, you can open your browser or any apps that that require Wi-Fi, as the connection is now established.

“Epoch prides ourselves on being the leader in technologically advanced products and the new WiFi enabled version of The Hawk is a perfect example of this.” said James Miceli “Imagine your parents sitting in the crowd and they can look at their Apple Watch and see how fast you shoot the ball when you scored. This is truly innovation at the highest level, He added. “

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