Epoch Gen 6 C60 REVIEW

Epoch Gen 6 C60 REVIEW

Epoch Gen 6 C60

C60 photo

The Torque Box is strong with the Epoch C60 this year. A super light Dpole that really lets you lay the check on your attackman in a way that they will remember you. Throw your checks right and you can snag a hidden stick without any issue. Clearing passes are also a easy task no matter how far.

Weight 9 out of 10

An extremely light dpole the C60 holds its own in the weight department but with new hyperlight handles coming out maybe not the lightest on the market.

Strength 9.5 out of 10

Hands down the Epoch C60 is the strongest handle I have found on the market today. Hammer down on your checks without any fear. Obviously they can’t bend on a player like a metal shaft does but they do flex properly during checks and clearing passes.

Grip 9.5 out of 10

The heavier grip this year is really nice on the C60 as you change hands and direction the grip slides through your gloves smoothly and the octagonal grip holds well to your hands keeping confidence in tight.

Looks 10 out of 10

These come in white, carbon and the new black and gold colorways this year and just look so sick. There’s no way around it Epoch just looks clean all the time.

9.5 out of 10

The Epoch C60 is hands down the favorite Dpole for 2016. I have never personally seen one break and we smash these handles during games to see if they will everytime. A flick of the wrist for a 60 yard pass the C60 is the top dog for this season.
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