Epoch DragonFly F30 REVIEW

Epoch DragonFly F30 REVIEW



This year Epoch took a second look at the F30 and made some small but very important changes to the handle. Primarily extending the feel of the faceoff zone which gave it a more natural feel during and after the faceoffs.

Weight 9 out of 10

The Torque Box added to all the Gen 6 handles this year really does improve the weight from last year. With crazy light handles coming out this season.

Durability 8.5 out of 10

Dragonfly’s hold up through any kind of beating and the F30 despite the shift from Octagonal to the Faceoff Moto Grip is just as durable.

Grip 10 out of 10 (Yes, 10 out of 10)

Hey I’m a faceoff guy and I love handles made for us especially when it is such a well done design that it has an obvious benefit to the game. Favorite handle for the year 10 out of 10

Overall 9 out of 10

Like I said this is hands down my favorite handle of the year for 2016 as a faceoff guy. They are releasing  model compliant with the Duel as well so don’t freak out guys you could have one of the nastiest faceoff setups possible here soon.
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