Epoch DragonFly C60xl IQ5 - Review

Epoch DragonFly C60xl IQ5 - Review

Big man pole looking to leave a mark? Look no further, as the C60xl is a variant of the perfection I reviewed in the regular Epoch Gen 5 C60 but with 14% more mass and a stiffer flex rating at an IQ5. The C60xl does have the Reload Tech and extra crossweave as well giving it a sick feel for those looking to lay the lumber.

SHAPE 10 out of 10

The C60xl as the name implies involves that Relaxed Concave shape that is what personifies a C series handle. Because this is the shape most of us grew up with it really just feels right when you pick it up and hit the field. The C series shaping isn’t flashy but it is perfection. 10 out of 10.

Epoch Dragonfly C60xl_1

WEIGHT 8 out of 10

The C60xl is the beefier brother to the C60 and as such has 14% more mass. It doesn’t sound like much but at 6 foot long 14% is noticeable. While a really strong dpole won’t notice a huge weight difference your guys looking for agile quick movements clearing the ball will probably notice a little slow down here. This isn’t the multi-check pole, as much as it is the handle you use when you want that one punch power in your check leaving a mark and driving hard into your attackman. If you want that impact of the game then this is your handle. Transition is sometimes not the ultimate goal when locking things down on the defensive end. 8 out of 10.

GRIP 10 out of 10

Just like its brothers the C60 and R60 the C60xl has that perfect Slip/Grip and an added crossweave layer giving you the super solid grip in a check. The traditional C shape has led to minimal wear down on the Slip/Grip after tons of play. Guys, Epoch really has something special in this coating. 10 out of 10.

DURABILITY 10 out of 10

When you’re the muscle for the team your pole has to be able to handle the impact and the C60xl does so with ease. Pokes, holds and hard slashes no worries here you will destroy metal handles without any problems. Go for the groundball and take/give a hack without any fear that you will snap a C60xl. Honestly after seeing the work this handle does with the extra weight I wouldn’t be surprised to laugh off a handle of a hard riding attackman as it gives in to the strength of the C60xl. 10 out of 10.

Epoch Dragonfly C60xl_2

FLEX 9 out of 10

The C60xl is a IQ5 making it a stiffer pole while still having the advantage on a shot or a long pass. The C60xl won’t push through the pass with its Reload Tech as much as a standard C60 will but it still is there. The flex is less noticeable other than when shooting. It definitely doesn’t wrap around on a check quite as much as the standard shaft, however it holds different strengths. The stiffer IQ5 lets you really dig in on a hold and lift situation or when you want to drive into a check without any give. The bigger guys looking to throw hammers that don’t go away will love the IQ5 here. When shooting the flex still will play with the goalie but won’t hide the ball quite as far back. 9 out of 10.

LOOKS 10 out of 10

For the minimalists out there less concerned with flash and more concerned with performance Epoch has a nice look. For the guy who wants that flash the 382c logo still pops and when you’re scoring goals you will think this is the best looking handle you’ve ever had. The Epoch Line is simple when it comes to colors almost always black with some limited edition colors and the 382c logo which for everyone we show it to looks just absolutely perfect. 10 out of 10

OVERALL 9.4 out of 10

The C60xl is another style of animal when it comes to poles and lives up to being the heavier weight power handle for that close D guy looking to be feared. The C60xl is for someone who loves a single hard power check or just likes to feel that extra weight on impact. They will love this handle and should definitely give it a look over just about anything out of there on the market. 9.4 out of 10.
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