Epoch DragonFly C60 IQ8 - Review

Epoch DragonFly C60 IQ8 - Review

Probably my favorite shaft in the entire Gen5 line is the C60 IQ8 dpole. This Dragonfly shows off the “Reload Technology” more than any handle in the lineup and really performs perfectly as a dpole. Up till this point the STX Hammer really stood out as the best pole on the market but the C60 in different ways ties up that spot for best handle you could use. Epoch really perfected this handle for the quick athletic close D guy or the LSM looking to make an impact.

SHAPE 10 out of 10

The C Series handles use the most common shaft shape in the octagonal grip making it probably the easiest handle to just pick up and feel super comfortable with for just about any player. The slight concave of the handle lets your fingers really get a perfect feel on the handle and just hold hard during a good check or walkin the dog on a clear. There just is no better feel when it comes to dominating an offense as poles go. 10 out of 10.

WEIGHT 10 out of 10

The C60 is an incredibly light handle making it the perfect handle through a clear. You can throw rapid hard checks without feeling any slow down from the stick no matter how far out you are reaching. I love the opening poke check when I play D which opens you up if you can’t get the stick back in time and that’s just not an issue with the C60. When clearing the ball, walking the dog feels like carrying a shorty Miles Thompson style it is so light. The C60 definitely won’t weigh you down in the transition or when imposing your will. 10 out of 10.

GRIP 10 out of 10

Epoch does some special work when it comes to making their handles perfect and with poles it is no different. All throughout the Gen 5 Line being the C60, C60xl and the R60 Epoch added an extra Crossweave layer on the top of the poles. This adds some grip but also some durability so it really is a multilevel advantage. The Slip/Grip does work as always and even with heavy usage with the C60’s shape we haven’t seen any degradation in the level of grip on the handle. Throw big face dodges without fear of losing the stick here. 10 out of 10.

DURABILITY 10 out of 10

Throw hammers, pokes, dodges and shots at, the C60 it isn’t going to flinch. This handle takes a crazy beating without any markings other than what it takes away from other sticks. The extra crossweave carbon fiber layered on the C60 gives it added impact resistance and makes you feel good as a pole when you see the damage done to other handles coming away with the pole. Ours has some green smears, some red, some blue and even a couple white from checks laid hard on the handles of the opposition, but no dents in the material or even minor fractures. Thanks to some tough attackmen we were able to really pressure the C60 to see how far it could go and so far we haven’t been able to find that limit even when it was fallen on top of during a faceoff. 10 out of 10.


FLEX 9 out of 10

As an IQ8, the C60 is a more flexible handle which for me is perfection. I can throw insane wrap checks that with a metal handle would never catch stick but now are yard sales. When shooting there just is no way for a goalie to read the shot but for some it is a bit much on the flex level. The Reload Technology is perfection on this handle when clearing long passes or cranking hard shots, you will feel the handle bend and then force its way forward so with less muscle you get perfect on a line passes and faster more consistent and accurate shots. The C60 does let you really feel the bend and for that take away mobile style defenseman the flex is perfect. If you’re the body up and hold style defenseman this handle may just have a little too much flex for you. 9 out of 10.

LOOKS 10 out of 10

For the minimalists out there less concerned with flash and more concerned with performance Epoch has a nice look. For the guy who wants that flash the 382c logo still pops and when you’re scoring goals you will think this is the best looking handle you’ve ever had. The Epoch Line is simple when it comes to colors almost always black with some limited edition colors and the 382c logo which for everyone we show it to looks just absolutely perfect. 10 out of 10

OVERALL 9.8 out of 10

With so many handles tested this year and so much specialization in the design we have gotten stiffer in our reviews but honestly if you’re an LSM or a clearing D guy who wants to make the biggest impact on both sides of the field BUY THIS HANDLE! You will love it as there really isn’t anything really bad to say here. I have to say it’s now my number one stick for field lax and is being used by a few of my poles I coach. 9.8 out of 10.

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