Epoch DragonFly C30 REVIEW

Epoch DragonFly C30 REVIEW


This year the Epoch Gen 6 handles went lighter and more colorful that last year. The shafts have bolder graphics and more colors in the C series.

Weight 9 out of 10

The added feature of a Torque Box, a redone system for layering carbon fiber in order to reduce weight, has made these the lightest Epoch’s ever with the same strength as the Gen 5. Tons of hyper light handles coming out but these are still the lightest carbons 9 out of 10.

Durability 9 out of 10

Epoch handles rarely break, and so far the Gen 6 is no different on that front. The C30 has held up through slashes and crosschecks no problem. 10 out of 10

Grip 9 out of 10

The C30 uses a traditional octagonal grip with the trusted Epoch gritty feel of “SlipGrip”. Still feels awesome though I still tape a small handle on the bottom of my sticks.


Overall 9 out of 10

Epoch handles stepped out as the most dominant handles on the market to me with the Gen 5, the Gen 6 has really kept them there at the forefront of the market, do yourself a favor and get the upgrade rolling.

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