Encore Brand Presents: Ecuador 2015

Encore Brand Presents: Ecuador 2015

Encore Lacrosse has traveled all over the globe expanding the game since 2010. Its international goals are to promote the game of lacrosse, help make it a permanent fixture within the cultural fabric of the area visited and merchandise our lifestyle clothing. Previous trips to Japan, Colombia, Uganda and Germany have all resulted in a sustained relationship where the missions of both parties continue to be met and upheld.


Our travels down to Ecuador will have a major focus on men’s lacrosse training, with professional lacrosse players’ and coaches’ sessions each morning to start our day. This is what makes the Encore experience unique: we meet the needs of our lacrosse players who are serious about getting better every day on the field.


After our training sessions are done each day, we will be in the hands of the Asociacion Ecuatoriana de Lacrosse run by Juan Marquez de la Plata.  Juan was instrumental in starting lacrosse in Mexico and has been coaching high school lacrosse in the Northern California for twenty+ years. Our community service efforts will be met here with a long lasting effect! Our mission is to visit schools and universities in Quito and introducing the game to as many as possible. Following the Federation of International Lacrosse guidelines, Encore will be hosting the first ever lacrosse match in Quito.


In between training and community service, the adventure will start with our partners, Andean Discoveries! Led by Tommy Angelone, a seasoned vet with more than 10 years of experience in education, leadership, management and leading tours all over the world, we will be eating local cuisine, sightseeing, hiking, and immersing ourselves fully in Ecuadorian culture. From start to finish, this trip will be the best to date, and that is why we are only choosing applicants that are serious about their lacrosse development, open to learning from new and different cultures and have a keen urge to give back.


Ecuador Trip Coaches:

Jonathan Christmas - Offensive Coach (UVA/NLL/MLL)

Zach Heffner - Defensive Coach (UVA/NLL/MLL)

Johhny Rodriquez - Goalie Coach (SU/MLL)

Greg Rose - Offensive & Stringing Coach (UMW)


Learn more and apply here: http://www.encorelacrosse.com/ecuador-2015/


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