Elizabethtown Lacrosse Dye

This head was dyed for a player on the Elizabethtown Womens Lacrosse Team. Elizabethtown College recently created a new logo so I wanted to incorporate the new logo and text into the dye.

I started by laying down the stickers for the Blue Jay's Head that I wanted to stay white and spray some krylon web spray on the bottom of the head. I cut out a very thin outline of the head so that it would stand out when the dye was completed. Then the head was dyed carolina blue and more krylon spray was added before dying the head a dark royal blue to match to schools colors.

Next, I laid stickers for the royal blue accents on the Blue Jay and added an underline for the Blue Jays text. Finally, the scoop was dyed black and faded into the carolina and royal marble.

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