ECD Focus Shaft Review

ECD Focus Shaft Review

ECD surprised me when I heard that they were going to enter into the metal shaft game. Most companies would normally choose to focus on what they have already brought to the table, then try and make it better. Instead, ECD decided to throw everything off the table and start from scratch. Bold move, but it worked out in their favor.


The new Focus Shaft felt great in my hands. I really liked the shape of the shaft, I sits in my gloves very well, and after a few checks, I didn’t notice any denting. The Focus Shaft also features a sandblasted grip just like the Carbon Shaft, though this time the grip isn’t as rough. I assume it has to do with the difference in materials. The shaft is super light coming in a 5.5 ounces which is on the lighter end of the spectrum as far as metal shafts go.



As I was messing around with it, passing and shooting with my friends, I noticed how comfortable I felt with it right away. A shaft isn’t a thing I change out every season and that’s because I usually find one and get so used to it, that every ding and dent because muscle memory. This shaft was perfect right from the start, in fact, I don’t want to stop using it.


The one thing I like the most about the shaft, is that there aren’t a ton of graphics on it. It is very simple, and elegant in that way. When I was in high school, I would always remove all of the graphics from a shaft with nail polish remover that I stole from my sister. I liked the look of a clean shaft much more than one that had tons of graphics, and I felt that it made the shaft lighter. ECD knocked it out of the park. My favorite part is the ECD crab at the top of the shaft.


The Focus Shaft comes in 30 inches and 60 inches priced at $99.99 and $159.99, respectively. This is a quality shaft that competes well with all the other shafts on the market and at this price, it is totally worth the buy if you’re looking for a new shaft.
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