Easton Stealth Core Shaft Review

Easton Stealth Core Shaft Review

Easton’s strength in the lacrosse world since they began moving into the sport has always been their shafts. They provide solid shafts with grip for a price that very few can compete with. The Stealth Core handle continues in this path being the first 7050 handle to have a diamond style grip. Easton promises to grab a lot of attention with this mid priced handle comparable to a Sabre or F22 with one of the most popular grips on the market.

Shape 7.5 out of 10. Easton has a very defined handle shape with very little curve. Their handles seem to be almost a perfect octagon which for some people is off putting, but for me it still feels solid and almost like a thicker handle when playing. I do feel that I have a good level of control with the shaping and can get a solid hold on the stick when going one handed from the top or the bottom of the handle.

Grip 10 out of 10. Easton has this down perfectly and the Stealth Core handle has the perfect level of grip without feeling like your hands would stick during a split dodge or damage your gloves when sliding through on a poke check. I did not use tape while playing with this shaft felt I had the same feel as I do on my Wonderboy that has been taped.

Durability 7 out of 10. The Stealth Core is a 7050 handle which is the new metal that companies have moved to from C405. Though not quite as durable as the old C405 it holds up quite well to checks at the middle to high school level but may not prove to be strong enough for most college to adult players. This handle definitely held up well for crosschecking and didn’t have a rattle feel when dealing with slap checks so I definitely feel it is a great pickup.

Looks 7 out of 10. Easton has a classic look with their handles. They say Easton just like their bats and that’s about it, for sections of the lacrosse community this is perfect if the name was slightly smaller. I do prefer a more colorful shaft but at the same time the cleanness of the Easton Stealth Core handle kept me from putting tape on it so I have to say it looks very nice.

Overall, the Easton Stealth Core handle gets a 7.9 out of 10. For me it is a great handle for a reasonable price that will satisfy the needs of any youth to high school player or just the casual player who wants some grip without paying the high end price. The Stealth Core will impress anyone who makes the move to Easton for sure.

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