Easton Lacrosse: NorCal Talon and SF Outlaws

Easton Lacrosse: NorCal Talon and SF Outlaws

As summer is ending and teams wrap up their summer slew of tourneys, I would like to come by LPG and throw some insight on some finely represented summer teams from Northern California. Now I am sure you have all been bombarded with Easton Lacrosse as they establish themselves as major players in the lacrosse industry...and if signing Casey Powell, Brett Queener, Mike Evans, and Danielle Spencer isn't good enough, they decided to hit up the premier summer teams in Northern California and decided to sponsor them.

Being from Northern California it's been exciting to see the passion behind Easton Lacrosse and the impact they have had on teams this summer, so to show the lacrosse world I talked to some of the locals to show off some fresh gear that Easton helped them out with.

These are Easton Stealth Gloves for the Alcatraz Outlaws. From what I hear these arent the final product but a strong step in a solid direction for Easton's up and coming protective line.

Raptor helmet with Matte Black finish. Easton print is sublimated into the helmet.

If you have Game Photos, uniforms or anything cool that you think deserves to go on the site hit me up on Twitter @wesleytokio.
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