East Coast Lacrosse Dye

My pal, Jason, emailed me a while back requesting a new batch of East Coast Conditioning heads dyed and strung up. Here are four of the six due to other projects going on including Team RWB and some MD flags.

As far as the dyes go nothing too intricate but a unique pattern/style for each. I especially like the half and half down the center. I chose to do half Orange and half Navy on the these because as most dyers know the Orange and Navy can sometimes have a bad effect and come out Brownish. I have had success with that in the past and had some failures, and I did not want to risk it on Jason's order.

If you have questions comments or would like a team order quote email me at kingdyes49@gmail.com and follow me @49KingDyes join the Facebook group, King Dyes.
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