East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Vortex Mesh Review

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Vortex Mesh Review

East Coast Dyes has taken the mesh world by storm since their inception in 2011. Six years later, they have released the most innovative and interesting mesh idea on the market; Vortex Mesh.


Sometimes I’m guilty of being a skeptic or a doubting Thomas. Seeing is believing for me. Vortex Mesh is one of those few exceptions for me. I knew I would I would really like this stuff right away. My only concern was what it would be like when trying to get a new pocket that worked for me. In the ECDLax videos, Greg describes that you can’t always use the same pocket that you had with Vortex Mesh. It took a lot of tinkering around with pocket ideas but I finally came to one in my Under Armour Charge II U. Truly, I like this more than what I was using before. It has the same amount of whip that I need when I’m shooting but the release is so much more even and smooth. This is the mesh I’ve been wanting.

The idea behind Vortex Mesh is that you can string up a regular pocket in a mesh that has some irregular diamonds and be good to go. The mesh transitions from a standard nine diamond top sting to these larger square diamonds right about where the four inch rule would kick in on most heads. This is a great idea because it creates a predetermined catch point that will hold the ball better than ever. I swear, this hold goes above and far beyond anything I’ve ever used. The idea kind of reminded me of the Evo Warp from Warrior, with the larger diamonds and catch point but this mesh makes it easier for players to tweak it to their game. This is what the lacrosse world wanted and the engineers at ECDLax perfected it.

East Coast Dyes knocked this one out of the park. You can get it for a great price and also in semi-soft and semi-hard hero mesh varieties. I absolutely suggest grabbing a piece of this magic.
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