East Coast Dyes Carbon Shaft

East Coast Dyes Carbon Shaft

I’ve never had a carbon lacrosse shaft in my life. Actually, since my high school years, I never used anything but a Gait 803 or an STX Sci-Ti. I loved them because they were the perfect combination of thickness and sandpaper grip. When I found out I was getting an ECD Carbon Shaft, I thought I was getting a hockey stick. I was very wrong.



Holding the Carbon Shaft in my hands for the first time, I was blown away with how light it is. It is a feather of a shaft but it still feels thick enough that a short stick defensive midfielder could lay some serious checks with it. It’s just very solid all around.

The sandpaper grip on the shaft feels amazing. It’s one of the best, if not the best feeling grip I have ever felt. Even though I use a pretty thick set of gloves (UA Player II’s) I didn’t feel like I needed any tape on the stick at all.


Passing around, I didn’t understand the hype of the Flex 5 technology. This isn’t like a hockey stick where you flex the stick through your own strength. Normal zippy passes felt exactly the same as a metal shaft. It wasn’t until I started pulling some serious shots when I noticed the difference between a metal shaft and the ECD Carbon. Wow. Very simply, wow. There was a clear difference in the speed of my shot and I felt like I should be ripping corners from the 2-point arc in the MLL.



This is a solid shaft. It does everything you need it to do plus some more. The price is really awesome for what you get out of the shaft and aesthetically, it looks fantastic coming in six different colors.
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