DYG Rep It Review

DYG Rep It Review


The DYG Rep It is a unique tool that can be useful especially for younger players. We all should hit the wall but it can be monotonous and keeping track can be a pain since most of us just pop in some ear buds and hit the wall. How do you know if you are improving or pushing your limit without counting your reps though? With the Rep It you can keep track without giving your count a second thought.


Like the Max It just using the strap wrapped around your shaft to attach the Rep It and start hitting the wall. The Rep It is incredibly sensitive so it records both the release and the catch of the ball, if you have an odd number you definitely missed a couple. Hit the wall fast and keep track of your Reps then divide by 2 to get a total of how many times you hit the wall and caught the ball.

This may not be the most necessary tool in a players arsenal but for younger players or those of us who hit the wall with other things on our mind, I.e. almost every player out there, the Rep It lets you keep track of your progress and not just lazy day your way through a wall ball session.


The Rep It comes in at $29.99 and could be a good accessory to players looking to Discover Their Game.
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