DYG LZR Shot Review

DYG LZR Shot Review


The DYG LZR Shot is the first of its kind training tool designed to work on fundamental passing and shooting. By putting a high power laser pointer in an end cap players can see when they are getting their elbows up and pointing to where they are throwing. Though the LZR Shot is not meant to make your shot harder it is meant to improve your feeding which is arguably more important.

Installing the LZR shot is pretty simple as long as you have a standard metal shaft. Remove the regular end cap place the LZR Shot device into the hollow end cap provided and slide into the handle. The actual laser part of the device locks the end cap into place and keeps it from flying off while working on the wall. Simply turn on the LZR Shot and begin hitting the wall. By setting up your body getting your elbows high and pointing the shaft where the ball is desired to go you can work slowly at making sure you are directing your passes flawlessly to their intended target. The LZR Shot may not be the most used tool in your bag but fundamentals are good for any player to practice at least once a week and for younger players getting the elbows up and following through a good pass is one of the hardest things to master.

The LZR Shot is recommended more for the entry level to intermediate player but could still benefit even advanced players in their training regiment.

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