DYG Locke Review

DYG Locke Review


The guys over at DYG are always thinking outside the box to improve every players game. When it comes to the DYG Locke they have done so by perfecting what many companies have tried and despite great efforts for sure have failed at. DYG has created a weighting system for your shaft that is easily adjusted, high and low weight, that fits any standard metal shaft and head combo from most any company (we tried Warrior, Epoch, Brine, STX and Maverik heads and all worked). Adding weight to your shaft in a manner that does not damage the head and allows for adjustment without messing with the playability of a stick is no small feat and should definitely be given a shot.


The benefit of high shot speed is obvious for offensive players and the Locke does not disappoint as a trainer for shooting in any manner as players can easily pop it in do some reps with the Locke each day and then pop it back out with the screw provided but there are other uses that I feel are even more important.
Being able to shoot hard is great but what happens when you can't get free to take that shot. Dodging with a weighted handle improves the speed of your dodge but also the confidence in which you can do your dodges. Face dodges, toe drags, and split dodges can go really wrong if they are done slow, without force behind them or without the speed and strength to bring the stick back up for the shot you are just asking for a turnover. Dodging with the Locke in place allows you to build the forearm strength and muscle memory to perform these dodges at an elite level and fight off the checks that come with them.

Let's not forget the creative aspect of the game that has really come to the forefront with the Thompsons over the past couple of years. Many times dodges go wrong, defenseman can't be shook or traditional methods just become too predictable. That’s when it’s time to get fancy and with the Locke you can build up your forearms in order to make that one handed dangle pass or shovel shot go from a slow roll gb into a forceful feed that makes the coach go, "Alright do what you do." The Locke really does have infinite uses for the offensive player.


Every DPole needs fast hands and strong checks, the Locke perfects both. By adding weight to the end of your long pole and working on checks your hands immediately become faster once the weight is removed. Through more and harder checks in great places and you can really throw your attackman off his game. He's dipping his stick and you go for a good Ding Dong Style over the head (Thanks STX for the term) but your hands are too slow to make this a highlight? Practice 15 minutes a day with the Locke and next time your check is a highlight reel for you and an embarrassment for your opponent. Are your poke checks light nuisances to anyone you use them on? Add some weight put in good 15 minute practice for a week or two and one check yard saling attackmen on the regular. In short DPoles you want this to go next level.
Dodging with a pole is a must at the elite level and just as the benefits to dodging apply to offensive players they do as well for long poles as well. The biggest factor on a dodge that stands out for a DPole that the Locke improves though is walking the dog. Getting the pole out and away from the ride takes strength to maneuver and practicing with just the standard weight leaves this at a difficult task that is slow and not regularly covered in practices. With the Locke you can reduce your time to be able to walk it around attackmen to just weeks and get to looking like an intimidator with PopEye forearms in no time.


Thought I'd leave the goalies out I bet? Nope the Locke helps out the linchpin to your team as well. Hands a little slow? Add the Locke. Clears always coming up short? Add the Locke. Dodges super weak when leaving the crease? Come on now add the LOCKE. In every way the Locke can thoroughly help a goalie improve to be a more complete player that will stand out at the higher level of play. DYG has really developed first of its kind products that have perfected goalie training so if you have a goalie in your home or are a coach do yourself a favor and pick up their tools to make their life and your life easier and better.


There just is no end to the benefit of the Locke every program can use one, every player can assemble one, every position is benefitted by one. At $34.99 it is cheaper than alternative products from when I was working in a store, most ranged around $50, and it has no negative affect on your stick’s durability do your game a favor and pick up a Locke.
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