DYG Lacrosse MAX IT Review

DYG Lacrosse MAX IT Review


A radar gun that doesn't need a second person, doesn't make you stand in front of a shot and is on your stick. Do I really need to say more? Probably not but I will because the DYG Max It is awesome. Everyone wants to know their shot speed and radar guns are definitely not cheap and require several things to get going the Max It just requires a stick and a ball. We tested the Max It extensively with about 50 players using it to test their shots and 10 comparing against the speed gun we have at practice and it performed very well.

The Max It uses a very easy band system to wrap onto your shaft and can be used for short sticks (male and female) and Dpoles. The set up is simple attach the Max It to your shaft, press the power button and then the settings button to get either two 0’s for short sticks or three 0's for long poles. The radar gun will automatically adjust with these settings and reset with every shot. To turn off the Max It remove from the shaft and it will power down on its own. The Max It is charged through a simple Micro USB cable that comes with the device.

The process is very simple; shoot, check speed, wait a couple seconds, and shoot again. Being able to actively check your shot speed allows for visible improvement day to day on your shot and can turn into fun competition between friends without risk of injury.

There were only a couple of factors that come in to play on the accuracy of this device. When matched against the radar gun it was plus/minus 2.5 MPH after about 50 shots which is about as accurate as radar guns are expected to be. Using the Max It without a ball shows insanely high speed probably due to the lack of weight allowing you to turn over the shaft faster as well using a shaft like the Ghost Shaft that is prone to extreme bending will cause the speed to be completely unpredictable as the shaft flexes back and doesn't allow consistent speed measurement. So outside of that the product is perfect and since most shafts are not able to wrap completely around a telephone pole you should be good checking out your shots with the Max It.


The Max It is a great product for any program or player and a definite must buy. At $89.99 it is cheaper than most radar guns and will allow for individual training because as the saying goes, "It is not about what you're doing during practice but what you do out of practice that sets you apart."
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