Dyeing Team RWB

Team Red, White & Blue is playing in an upcoming tournament and asked if I could dye a couple heads with the logo and the theme of the website, www.teamrwb.com. Team RWB mission:
Team Red, White & Blue is a non-profit organization that brings athletes together. We are a veteran support organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families. Ultimately, we aim to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position in the Active Duty force or National Guard.

The pattern originated with a simple White out design with the logos cut out on the inside of the head. However, with some discussion and input provided I went ahead and added some stars and stripes like the ones located on the main website page.

The logos were fairly easy to cut out once I made a base one. I laid it over the covered regions and cut it out from the covered region. I added the text and then began the dye process. I started the Red with a small fade and then did the same for the Navy. I removed the tape and lettering and saw something that came out great and as very classy. Below, the slide show chronologically displays the dyeing process. Click the first picture to begin slide show.

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