Dustin Dohm, Owner of Stylin' Strings is Back Designing Clothing!

Dustin Dohm, Owner of Stylin' Strings is Back Designing Clothing!


After a few years of going under the radar in the apparel side of the lacrosse industry, I decided it was time to come back with a bang with this full custom uniform design for Malvern Prep’s youth feeder program Militia Lacrosse, which is based out of Philly. Now, after seeing dye sublimation and the progression in clothing it gave me the ambition to get back in and jump start the Stylin’ Strings brand outside of lacrosse pockets & dye jobs.

After incorporating in 2001, in a very small lacrosse market I wanted to build our own clothing line. This was before the apparel boom a few years ago. By 2005, we had our own tags I designed and manufactured. We launched a series of 6 or so spoof designs on T’s, Hoody’s, & Long sleeves and launched them at the 2005 national lax convention prior to mass social media and our first online store so we were a little to far ahead of our time.


So here you have it, we are back designing custom Team logos, Dye Sublimated Shorts with or without pockets, Shooting Shirts, Jersey’s, and Reversible Pinnies. Displayed here is the white side of the pinnie with the full Militia Lacrosse logo w/ stick. I ghosted the tail of the cape under the small number on the front. You can also see the cape finished on the back under the number and it points to the color matched Stylin’ Strings Lax logo bottom right. The tops of the shoulders I used to ghost our custom camo/crazy glue look inspired from our custom dye jobs. The sides of the pinnie also have 4 color camo with white, grey, lime green, & navy. Militia’s coach Bob Dilonno just wanted to make sure the lime was an accent color or I would have went crazy with it.


Here is the full navy side of the reversible with all the colors adjusted to reverse out of the navy. You will see the Stylin’ Strings custom tag sewn into this side.


The shorts were my favorite to design since I saw them popping up everywhere and on almost every young laxer. I was 24 when I first starting designing our clothing and after a 7 year retirement it was cool to make these fresh new designs after my skills had improved with years of experience in the Media Industry. The front left leg I ghosted the Militia guy’s face. The right leg carries the traditional logo placement and the ghosted custom camo/crazy glu pattern. This slide also shows the left side of the shorts with MILITIA down the leg inset in the 4 color camo.


The back of the shorts has the glue pattern on the same leg as the front and the shoulder of the militia guy finishing from the front. The right leg side I put the lacrosse stick from the full logo with the butt end pointing at a full color SS Lax logo.


Here are the shooting shirts. They wanted them mostly grey so I enlarged the Militia head and made his cape small just to carry it through. The same 4 color camo was brought into the sides to match it up to the shorts. The light grey camo/crazy glue pattern is in the main body. The collar and the shoulders have a darker grey then I ghosted the cape on the shoulders. Here you get a close up of the clothing tags I designed 7 years ago with my first slogan of Be Original…Any Style, Any While. Even with all kinds of shorts designs and other clothing out there I always wanted to be as original as possible designing any style with my flare into it. Any While, in my translation means keeping it timeless. The Stylin’ Strings logo I designed 12 years ago with the intention of it lasting until I was old and grey.


The back of the shooter we brought in the MILITIA from the side of the shorts and dropped the Stylin’ Strings Lax logo at the top of the neck to brand the gear. A special thanks goes out to Malvern Prep, the Militia coaching staff, and Bob Dilonno for dealing with the parents on the order for sizing. We spun this order from design to finish in 3 weeks with one day to spare before their first summer tourney. For more information on getting custom designed logos or any part of a uniform from me email dustin@stylinstrings.com.
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