Do You Know What's In Your Mettle?

Do You Know What's In Your Mettle?

A leader in shaft technology, Epoch Lacrosse releases their alloy Mettle series, designed with only the best-in-class materials.

LOS ANGELES, CA - After introducing their carbon fiber Dragonfly shaft series to the market last year, Epoch Lacrosse is diversifying their line with the launch of their alloy shaft series, Mettle. The word mettle has many different meanings, however for Epoch, the definition that really hit home for them was 'Strength of character'. Not only does this fit with their brand statement, 'Live. Play. Be.', but also holds true to the shaft's world-class strength to weight ratio. This series consists of the 3001 and 3075 for attackmen/middies and the 6075 for defensemen.

Known as a leader in carbon fiber technology, Epoch's alloy lineup rounds out their assortment, providing high quality shafts for all players. Their state of the art manufacturing techniques set them apart from the other alloy shafts on the market. One such technique, known as Tube Drawing, ensures structural integrity remains consistent throughout the entire length of the shaft. The aluminum starts as a large tube (versus a block) and is drawn (versus pushed) through a dye. This process is repeated several times, with the tube diameter getting smaller and smaller each time, until it is shaped into the desired cross-section. It is only with this precision that Epoch is able to achieve their desired wall thickness, weight, and surface finish. The highly engineered cross-section and wall-thickness provides resistance to dents and dings while still allowing the shaft to maintain its intended “feel” and world-class strength to weight ratio. This attention to detail sets their designs apart from the competition.

Each design undergoes countless tests during development to ensure the design will stand up to the test of time. In addition to tireless field testing, these lab tests include the three point
bend test (providing a stiffness profile) as well as the drop test which determines how resistant the shaft will be to denting. Also measured, is the tensile strength and hardness factor (utilizing the Rockwell scale).

As with their carbon fiber Dragonfly series, the alloy shafts utilize true aerospace grade materials with unmatched quality and purity. Epoch secures their raw materials from known and trusted suppliers and is able to validate the chemical properties of every shaft that leaves their facility. According to James Miceli (@jamesmiceli), Principal at Epoch Lacrosse, "Shafts are often marketed using names such as Scandium or Scandium-Titanium blends, when in fact, these shafts often contain less than 1% of the named elements. At Epoch, we fully disclose the element makeup of each shaft, providing a much more transparent purchase for the players and parents."

The Mettle 6075 ($120 US MSRP) and Mettle 3075 ($85 US MSRP) have an optimized concave cross-section designed to maximize the potential of a “true” 7075 series alloy. The 6075 is 60" in length and weighs a mere 375g; the 3075 is 30" in length and is a light yet strong 175g. Both shafts come standard with Epoch’s Slip/Grip finish for an unmatched “feel” in an alloy. In true Epoch fashion, the chemical makeup for both shafts is listed as follows: Al -87.1 -91.4%, Cr- .18-. 28%, Cu - 1.2-2.%, Fe - <.5%, Mg - 2.1-2.9%, Mn - <.3%, Other - .05%, Other total 15%. Si - <.40%, Ti - <.2% and Zn -5.1 - 6.1%.

The Mettle 3001 ($115 US MSRP) has a higher concentration of Magnesium and Zinc versus the 7075 molecular makeup. Perfect for the middie who believes on playing both sides of the ball, this 7001 series alloy provides a best-in-class strength to weight ratio with proven balance. The 3001 is 30” in length, 185g of pure strength and comes standard with Epoch’s Slip/Grip finish. The molecular makeup for this particular shaft is: Al -87%, Cr-.18-.35%, Cu - 1.6-2.6%, Fe - <.4%, Mg - 2.6-3.4%, Mn - <.2%, Other - 0%, Other total 0%, Si - <.35%, Ti - <.2% and Zn -6.8 -8.%.

All shafts are backed by Epoch’s one year limited warranty. The 3001, 3075 and 6075 come with five pre-drilled holes to fit various head configurations.

To purchase the Mettle shafts as well as their 2013 Dragonfly shafts, check out their Facebook page at for a list of all authorized dealers.

About Epoch Lacrosse (@epochlax): Epoch Lacrosse delivers the finest manufactured lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world class materials and techniques. Developed in collaboration with True Temper Sports, Epoch shafts are made from the highest grade materials available. They have tested and re- tested each design to ensure durability, playability and performance are optimized. Their goal is simple; to give the player every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.
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